7 Reasons to Floss Regularly

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  1. Prevent Sickness: the basic premise behind the idea of flossing and brushing is to remove germs and harmful bacteria from your mouth. If you can catch those buggers before they slide their way down your throat and do some real damage, then that’s just all the more power to you! Flossing removes the plaque and bacteria lodged between your teeth that a regular brushing can easily pass over.
  2. Tooth Decay Prevention: Besides brushing, flossing is the number one way to prevent tooth decay. That is, if you want your teeth to stay in your mouth! Flossing removes the hardened plaque which can harden furthermore into tartar; which will harbor nasty, tooth-dissolving bacteria.
  3. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Flossing regularly not only stops harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria from entering into your body. But it prevents also the bacteria that can cause damage to organs; especially the heart. By flossing you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease greatly.
  4. Remove Bad Breath: Since brushing only removes approximately 65% of your mouth’s bacteria, the other 35% is up to flossing. That’s right folks; an entire 35% of your mouth’s germs are left over after brushing. Most of these durable, tough, and enduring germs are the ones that are linked to bad breath. So if you have a hot date; it pays to floss!
  5. Longevity: So you want to live a long, healthy life? Flossing is your answer. Along with other life-extending medicines, flossing is recommended by almost all doctors – dental or not. If you spend the three or so minutes a day to floss out your teeth, you could potentially add seven entire years to your life expectancy. That’s a lot for a simple task, don’t you think?
  6. Flossing to Tame your Appetite: Flossing and brushing does a tremendous amount in lessening the desire to eat. This idea goes along the same lines as that as showering and then digging in the sand. Your mind subconsciously decides against eating because, just like digging, would make no sense after cleaning. So if you are trying to lessen your appetite; just floss regularly and you won’t have as strong as a desire to eat!
  7. To Boost Confidence: Flossing regularly in conjunction with a fervent brushing schedule will pay off over time and give you those pearly whites that everyone envies and desires so very much. These pearly whites will not only make you feel cleaner, but it will also boost your confidence and people will take notice in that. Our teeth is our most sensitive and hidden feature of our face; and people either gain a lot of confidence or lose a lot of confidence depending on their whiteness.

The only known downside to flossing is that there is no instant gratification or results from our hard work. It may take weeks; possibly even months before our flossing begins to pay off and become noticeable. But remember to take heart and not be discouraged. If you can floss regularly you are doing yourself and others a huge favor by living a healthier lifestyle and being a great example. I mean come on, there’s no reason not to floss; don’t you want to live seven years longer?

Timothy Frisch, a student from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, has been flossing and brushing regularly since his parents instilled the value of it in him at a young age. He also believes in spreading his knowledge through ProbioticSmart.com, a company that carries such popular human health supplements as TymeZyme (helps the body repair itself after injury) and Debrox Ear Drops.  Timothy and ProbioticSmart.com share many of the same values on health and nutrition.

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