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fresh ginger

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: November 27, 2009

Freshly picked ginger ready for the kitchen.

Juicing, Health and Diabetes

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: April 9, 2010

It is not news that sugary soft drinks can lead to diabetes (to read more about this click here), and there has been a new study conducted in China, linking juices to diabetes.  Does that mean you should throw away your juicer and start drinking water? Not at all. Freshly made…

Juicing for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Relevance: 63%      Posted on: November 11, 2009

Many people in the western world suffer from joint pain. It is caused by a variety of conditions and diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout are the most common causes of joint pain. Joint injuries and an inflammatory condition called bursitis are also known to cause joint pain. Inflammation Inflammation…

Homemade Natural Detox Drinks

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: March 14, 2011

If you are one of those people who enjoy healthy living, you should consider detoxifying your body to cleanse it from any toxins that are harmful to your body. There are various approaches for detoxifying your body. However, one of the simple ways is by using homemade detox drinks that…

Make Carrot Juice | 5 Tips for Making Carrot Juice Tastier

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: September 14, 2011

Last year I bought an Omega Juicer and quickly learned that as much as I loved juicing, it was an expensive habit. I could easily spend $100 alone on just making wheat grass shots, never mind the other drinks I was making every day - sometimes more than once! With…

How to Clear Acne With Green Juice

Relevance: 46%      Posted on: October 3, 2011

Getting rid of acne is no easy task, because if it was nobody would have acne in the first place. What makes things even worse is that many of us even make it more difficult again to clear acne, because we are going the wrong way about it. If you…

Free Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Recipes

Relevance: 46%      Posted on: June 27, 2010

If you have recently bought a Jack Lalanne power juicer and you are looking for some great juicer recipes, then look no further. Here is a selection of 5 healthy and tasty free Jack LaLanne power juicer recipes that are ideally suited for your power juicer machine. I have also…

Juice Diet Recipes for Weight Loss | Juice Diet Plan

Relevance: 44%      Posted on: June 29, 2010

Drinking fresh made juices can be a great addition to any diet program even though juicing is not a weight loss program in itself. Even though some people undertake juice fasts to lose weight, I think this can be a very dramatic way of losing weight and can fall into…

How to do a Lemon Juice Cleanse?

Relevance: 40%      Posted on: March 26, 2012

Are you interested in following the lemon juice detox plan, also known as the master cleanse? If so, follow the instructions below to guide you through this popular detox plan that has helped many people flush toxins from their bodies. 1) Talk to your doctor. Any detox diet plan is…

Green Juice Recipes and Vegetable Juicer Recipes

Relevance: 39%      Posted on: July 22, 2009

  Green and Vegetable Juicing RecipesVegetable juice recipes and especially green juice recipes are the cornerstone of juices.  Jam packed with leafy goodness! Here are some of the vegetable juicing recipes that we make and love. Simply Carrot Juice - 5 Medium carrots This one is pretty simple! Wash and…