A Short List of Colon Cleanse Home Remedies

aloe vera drink benefitsKeeping our colon free from toxins and wastes contributes to our overall health and well-being. Doctors and health experts used a lot of medical cleansing procedures, but most of us still prefer colon cleanse home remedies. Not only are these things effective, but they are also safe and free from any side effects. The first type of home remedy is the use of herbs and plants. They usually come in the form of teas or powder. A good example of this type is aloe leaf. This is known to be a really excellent laxative that can eliminate harmful toxins in the body in no time.

Another home remedy that we should try out is fasting. Scientific studies have shown that this can help our organs like the liver and kidneys get rid of the free radicals in our bodies. However, this does not mean that we should starve ourselves. We just have to cut down on our food intake to let our systems ‘rest’. This is also the best time for us to indulge in fresh fruits or vegetable shakes. These beverages will provide our bodies with the essential nutrients and minerals that we need for our optimum health. Fruits and vegetables are also known to be natural appetite suppressant foods. This means that making them a part of our daily diet will make us feel fuller for a longer period of time.

The intake of probiotics is another home remedy of colon cleansing. These are natural supplements that help remove the bacteria and parasites that feast within our intestines and other organs. Excellent sources of probiotics include garlic, onions and bananas. We can also make a vegetable soup that will wash out all the toxins and wastes in our bodies. Some of the ingredients that we can mix in are potatoes, celery, carrots, beans, papaya and cabbage. Not only is this easy to prepare, but it is also guaranteed to be 100 percent effective.

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