Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our juicing website. Our names are Veronica and Darren. We are a married couple from Maryland USA and have been enjoying a few years of traveling, learning about some unique benefits of nutrition in places like Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Darren has studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK and Veronica has a background in Journalism and Holistic Education.

Over the years we have grown increasingly interested in healthy living and eating, nutrition and green living and have found that sharing our passion with others has not only been a great way to learn about health, but also about ourselves. Mostly we have learned that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite frankly – not easy! It is challenging, but rewarding. By no means are we health experts. But we do believe that with the right information, the right motivation, and some good old common sense, we can become healthier happier people.

Enjoy! In health, Darren and Veronica.


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