Alternative Natural Remedies: The Herbal Advantage

herbal medicineWith the world focusing closely on protecting our environment, consumers are opting to “go natural”. Even conventional medications are being replaced by all natural and herbal medicines. Though this herbal trend is fast becoming a buzz word in our ever changing society, herbal medicines have been co existing with mankind longer then science. In as early as 13000 BC, our ancestors have been documented to use herbs in treating their health problems. Every civilization from then on had been relying on herbal medicine for their curative properties, from the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations, the early Roman Empire and the Chinese antiquities.

The rapid increase in the world’s interest in alternative medicine can also be due to the fact that unlike manufactured medicines, herbal medicines are safer and have very minimal side effects. The fact that most conventional medicines are taken from plant based substances further testifies as to how effective herbal medicines can be.

Advantages of Herbal Medicine

Cost – Herbs cost much less than prescription drugs and some of them can even be grown at home. Herbal home remedies for acne, burns, constipation, and headaches can easily be grown and administered in the comforts of our own home. Our spices come from these helpful herbs as well. Oregano has been found to be one of the best antioxidants for our body and it’s readily found in our kitchen. In making herbal home remedies, it is best to consult with an herbalist to ensure proper use and administration.

Availability – Herbal medicines can be taken without prescription and are readily available in health stores. Though in taking herbal supplements, one should remember that they are not tested in the same manner as medications, so they are not subjected to strict guidelines and product testing. Consulting with a health professional is always advised.

Potency – Herbal medicines have long proven their efficiency in treating a number of illnesses. In certain maladies, herbal treatment are even more recommended than the conventional medicine as they are free from harmful chemicals and do not come with any untoward side effects. Herbal supplements are also highly effective in treating skin conditions, as they can enhance our body’s detoxification against harmful toxins, help in proper digestion, and strengthen our immune system. As they are all natural, they are best for those who suffer from allergies from synthetic or conventional drugs.

Given the any benefits we can get from herbal remedies, it is no wonder that they are well on their way to becoming staples in our aim to keep a sound and healthy body.

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