Anti Aging Vitamin Supplements

Explanations for the aging process and possible methods of retarding it have been a major source of scientific and amateur research for generations. So also has been the search for a magic cure for the aging process. No greater effort than that put into the discovery or the invention of anti aging vitamin supplements exists.

Indeed research into aging has advanced the concept of the body’s natural production of so-called “free radicals”. These substances are created naturally, and many feel that certain vitamins are effect in combating them. Among all such supplement, perhaps the greatest of anti aging vitamin supplements for the combat of free radicals is vitamin E.

Vitamin E is actually eight anti-oxidants of which only one is naturally stored in the fats of the body. Since this one type of Vitamin E is the only one to have nutritional value, it is the only one that is included in the USDA RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Vitamin E and is the only form commonly found as commercially prepared anti aging vitamin supplements.

Free radicals occur as a normal part of the body’s metabolic process. These free radicals attach portions of normal cells and can seriously damage them causing loss of resistance to early onset of various diseases especially in the elderly. But free radicals are neutralized by molecules of Vitamin E, and these attacks cause free radicals to lose all oxidizing capabilities. Conversely, Vitamin E molecules can be recharged to full anti-radical potency by the presence of Vitamin C. Good anti aging vitamin supplements include USDA recommended dosages of Vitamins C and E.

Vitamin E deficiency is not common among adults who are in relative good health. However it has been established that many people’s normal food intake does not contain the USDA RDA of Vitamin E, which is between ten and twelve mg daily. Accordingly, as a preventative measure, most adults should take anti aging vitamin supplements that add the minimum RDA of Vitamin E to their diet every day. Anti aging vitamin supplements that should be taken will include not only Vitamin E, but Vitamins C, D, A and K for a truly balanced approach to dietary supplements.

Anti aging vitamin supplements with Vitamin E have shown a positive link to helping prevent heart attacks and in both men and women and a lessened chance of dying of heart disease. While anti aging vitamin supplements containing Vitamin E may have made a significant contribution to the reduction in cardio-vascular disease in some cases, it must be stated that these improvements were not noted in test subjects who already were afflicted with cardiovascular disease and contributed to healthier living.!v=cxlXgud2Hcg&feature=related

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