Beginning Juicing

The first step toward juicing is quite obvious yet requires more attention than it may initially appear. Buying a juicer is something that you would want to think over carefully before forking over hard earned cash. Determining what you want to juice is the key to choosing the right juicer. It is probably a good idea to learn some recipes you’d like to try before deciding on a juicer. This way you know the purpose of your purchase. Most breakfast juicer recipes, for example, are high in fruit ingredients which are relatively soft and easy to juice. Citrus fruits and such require only the most basic juicer.

One thing to consider is the ease of use in the design of the machine. Having a machine that makes juicing fun instead of a chore is the key to keeping up this new habit of juicing regularly. Some juicers are designed better than others in terms of usability. The better designed models usually have a separate, removable compartment for the pulp which is good for those who would like to put that excess to use with juicer pulp recipes. These recipes make the most of the ingredients by allowing you to use the pulp in other edible ways instead of simply throwing them away as most people would do.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a juicer is the blade speed. When juicing, the goal is to keep the contents in as natural a state as possible. This means we want slower blades which reduce the amount of heat which might accidently ‘cook’ the ingredients. Lower speeds also mean less risk of impact shock which can alter the molecular structure of things. Keep in mind that trying to juice ingredients that are of higher hardness levels with the wrong juicer will destroy the blades and the machine altogether.

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  1. Pamela says:

    How long can you leave juice in the fridge before it losses nutriants or does it? Thank you. Wish me luck, begining juicer.

  2. veronica says:

    Hi Pamela,

    Good luck with your new juicing life 🙂

    You will enjoy my article about storing to juice to answer your question


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