Blueberry Research Shows Bone Health Benefits in Rodents

Blueberries Research

blueberry researchGreat bone health is vital to maintaining flexibility throughout life. Even So, many people encounter pain in their joints as a result of reduced skeletal strength.

Recent blueberry research publicized in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research revealed that polyphenol antioxidants present in blueberries might help enhance bone health in lab rodents. It is these compounds that give fruits their blue, red and purple pigmentation.

Even though the benefits haven’t been confirmed in humans, the scientists said they’re optimistic that these findings might lead to natural treatments for bone-based ailments.

The results of this research demonstrated that rodents given a diet comprising of 10 % blueberry freeze-dried powder experienced a greater bone mass than the others that didn’t consume this powder. The researchers declared that one reason behind the rodents’ enhanced bone health might be that blueberry polyphenol antioxidants stimulate a growth in osteoblasts, a type of bone-forming cell.

The key mechanisms powering this process involves two genes, TCF and LEF, and a type of protein called beta-catenin, that work together via numerous pathways to encourage proper cell function and cell growth.

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