Buy a Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor – A Great Budget Juicer

Making your own fruit and vegetable juice is something that everyone can do for their own well being.

Breville BJE200XL – a great budget juicer

You could decide to buy a Breville BJE200XL 700 watts juicer or one of the other entry level juicers and get started with the exciting dietary hobby. Believe me, this is what it is. Getting into juicing offers you a life changing opportunity. It is both exciting and beneficial for the most important person on the planet…you. It is common knowledge that consuming fruit and vegetables is good for us. But do you have time to eat five servings per day? This is the recommended daily minimum that we have. Juicing is possibly one of the easiest ways to ensure that we get the goodness out of a decent number of fruits and vegetables every time we make a drink. Typically my juices will use between four to six pieces or servings. For example, if you make just a plain orange juice, five oranges will give you round about 500 ml of juice. This is packed fully of vitamins and nutrition. Certainly, you get loads of vitamin C from orange juice. There are many entry level machines that are worth looking at for those who are not expert juicers. I still favor the juicer that I started using over ten years ago. Admittedly, I am on to my second one now, but it is the same brand, just an updated version. I am from the United Kingdom so the Magimix le Duo is a popular machine here. However these are harder to find in North America. The most popular budget juicer is the Breville BJE200XL juice fountain compact. It is similar to the Magimix in many ways. They are both centrifugal machines which makes them easy and fast to operate. Clean up of a centrifugal juice extractor is also very quick when compared to other styles like masticating juicers.


Breville BJE 200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain

Breville BJE200XL Juicer

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Enjoy an 8-ounce cup of juice in just five seconds thanks to the unique cyclonic system of this full-function juice fountain. Its 700-watt motor operates at 14,000 RPM for maximum extraction and fast results. The unit features a stabilizing dual knife assembly, which centers fruits or vegetable over the cutter and filter, minces them into minute particles, and forces them against the stainless-steel micro-mesh filter, all of which increases yield by 30 percent and produces results 10 times faster than other juice extractors.

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