Can You Juice a Banana and Make a Banana Juice Recipe ?

This is one of the most common juicing questions. The answer is yes, but it is not recommended. You can juice anything you want providing it doesn’t destroy your juicing machine but that doesn’t make it a good idea!

Bananas are a big hassle to juice. They have a very low water content compared to many other fruits. Therefore putting a banana through your juicer will produce very little juice and start clogging up your machine. I don’t know how many bananas you would need to juice to make a banana juice worth drinking, but I can tell you this. It would be A LOT and would require many cleanings of your machine just to produce it. That is not an experiment I am interested in undertaking. Just juicing one banana was a bad enough experience.

In light of this I have put together one equation. Bananas = Blenders.

can you juice a banana ?

What is it with you humans and all this juicing?

Darren Haynes

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