The Benefits of Organic Matcha Green Tea

matcha green teaIn the past few decades, green tea has come to the light as one of the natural ways to improve your health.  Though its use is very recent in Western countries, this is a plant that has been used for centuries in the far east, in countries such as China and Japan, now big producers of this type of tea. There are different variations of this tea, one of the most popular ones is the organic Matcha green tea.

This variation of green tea refers to the way the plant is treated before consumption.  Organic means that the plant has not been grown using chemical products and fertilizers.  Instead, organic plantations use 100% natural products, the way it should be from the start really!  Organic products have proved to be healthier both in the short and the long term.

This type of green tea has a lot of benefits.  It acts as a great way to prevent skin problems and skin cancer thanks to the high amount of antioxidants it contains, it helps lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.  At the same time, green tea has been used along with good dieting programs such as Michael Thurmond’s 6 week body makeover, thanks to its fat burning benefits (thermogenesis).

This organic matcha green tea is found in the market with a higher price tag than common green tea.  Why?  Well to start, organic products have a higher value than products grown with chemical fertilizers, besides that, organic green tea takes more time to be processed for consumption so in a way there is less supply than common tea.

If you have not tried any type of green tea, let me tell you that no matter what variation you use, you will still reap the benefits of this product.  However, if you can find and afford a supply of organic tea, go for it.  It really pays off.

The Secrets Of The Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

lemon detox dietThe popularity of various cleansing systems has made the lemon detox diet recipe one of the most searched for and desired recipes. People are attracted to this detox system due to its health properties and its inadvertent side effect of substantial weight loss.  With the number of junk food and questionable ingredients that are out there, people are looking for ways to rid their bodies of unhealthy toxins.  The lemon detox diet is one of the best ways to do so due to its nourishing and refreshing ingredients.

Natural tree syrup

The main ingredient in the lemon detox diet recipe is natural tree syrup.  This syrup is derived from trees that originate in Asia and parts of upper Canada.  The Asian syrup comes from palm tree sap while the liquid from Canada comes from maple trees.  The benefit associated with natural tree syrup is the fact that the liquid is filled with essentially minerals.  This helps the body to remove impurities which in turn helps the digestive and immune systems.  This ingredient is what makes the lemon detox diet so potent and effective.

Lemon juice, cayenne pepper

These two parts of the lemon detox diet recipe provide the remaining nutritional ingredients that the body needs.  They are also effective at awakening the senses and purifying the body of pollutants.  Lemon juice is essential to the lemon detox diet recipe because it provides vitamin C benefits and it works to improve the immune system.  Although the reasons for the inclusion of cayenne pepper are unclear, what is known is the awakening properties that it provides.  This makes it a very important part of the lemon detox diet recipe.

People who wish to feel better about their lives and bodies should consider the lemon detox regimen.  The ingredients in the lemon detox diet recipe are all natural and good for the body.  There is no other routine that can provide the same detoxing properties as this lemon detox process.

The Best 3 Raw Vegetables (That You Aren’t Eating)

beetsWe all know that to healthy you must eat your vegetables, and almost without exception the healthiest way to do so is to eat them raw.  This is because cooking vegetables – whether baking, boiling, grilling, or frying  – lowers their nutritional content.

Because of this it is important to keep tabs on including fresh vegetables in our diet. Try including any or 3 three of the vegetables listed below in your diet on a regular basis and not only will you find it to be a tasty addition to your palate, but a healthy one, too.

Beets make the first entry on the list. They are so easy to eat raw yet often get overlooked. Maybe it’s because they’re somewhat of a pain to chop up and prepare due to the fact that you get everything purple in the process. Either way, they are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and are very easy to eat raw.

  • Suggestions: Make a raw beet salad by slicing beets and adding a pinch of salt or drink beetroot juice for breakfast to start your day with a good boost of energy.

Cabbage is another delicious vegetable that many only associate as a food to boil. At best, people eat it technically raw when made into cole slaw, but at that point it’s dripping with mayonaise and other unhealthy ingredients, so we can strike that from the list! One thing that’s also nice about cabbage as how cheap it is when it replaces more expensive salad staples, such as spinach and romaine lettuce.

  • Suggestions: finely chopped cabbage salad with 1 TBSP olive oil. Add salt, sweet corn, beans, and other ingredients as desired. Serve cold or at room temperature.

Cauliflower is something I seen to have an instrinic connection to. My parents tell me as a toddler I would ask for it by name. I always assumed everyone loved raw cauliflower, right? Wrong. Many people don’t even think of it as something you can eat raw, and if they do, they always want to combine it with a huge whallop of ranch dip. But cauliflower is super good in its own right and is the perfect addition to any salad – even a cauliflower salad!

  • Suggestions: Add one cup chopped raw cauliflower to any salad.

What are some of your favorite vegetables to eat raw and what creative ways do you include them in your meals?

How to Clear Acne With Green Juice

Getting rid of acne is no easy task, because if it was nobody would have acne in the first place. What makes things even worse is that many of us even make it more difficult again to clear acne, because we are going the wrong way about it.

wheatgrass juiceIf you believe that you are going to clear acne by using over the counter acne products that are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients, then think again. I had been going down this route for many years, without the desired results I was looking for.

Once I changed direction and started using more holistic approaches, mixed in with more modern technologies such as the ANSR beam , then the results started to come. And the one thing that was extremely beneficial was green juice.

The Power Of Green Juice

We all know that eating our greens is extremely important for optimal health, but for extraordinary health benefits then try juicing your greens. When greens have been juiced it makes the vitamins and minerals easily absorbable for the body, meaning you get maximum benefits from them.

If you drink 1-3 cups of green juice per day, you will see significant improvements in your acne, and over-all health also. The reason for this is because the green juice will help to build the blood, remove toxins, provide the body with the required vitamins and minerals, plus there are many more benefits that juice will have on the body, all leading to a happier, healthier and acne free you.

Green Juice Recipes

Green Juice 1: 1/4 of red Cabbage, 2-3 stalks of Celery, 4-5 leaves of Kale, 1 Lemon, 3 Apples, little amount of ginger.

Green Juice 2: 1/2 pear, 1/2 green apple, handful spinach, handful parsley, 2 celery stalks, ½, cucumber, small piece ginger, slice of papaya.

Green Juice 3: 1 lemon 1/2 cup parsley, chopped 1 rib of celery, 2 big handfuls of Spinach, 1 pince of peeled ginger, 1 medium cucumber.

These are 3 green juice recipes I often make that I have found to work very well at keeping my system clean and clear, meaning no acne breakouts. If you have never made a green juice before I would recommend using the above, once you have made a few then start experimenting to see what works for you.

Do I Need To Add SuperFoods For This To Work?

No! You do not need to add any super foods such as spirulina or wheat grass. If you have the extra funds to use them, then it will do no harm, but you absolutely do not have to infest in any sort of expensive “superfood” for this to work. Spinach, cabbage and kale along with the other greens you can buy from the supermarket will have just as much benefits, however there is one thing that is important, that you buy as much organic as possible. The reason for this is because foods that are not organic have usually been sprayed with man-made chemicals that will build up in the body as toxins, which can eventually lead to acne breakouts.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Okay, so maybe it’s more like ‘tricking’ them into eating more fruits and vegetables. Hey, it’s for their own good and it certainly won’t ‘hurt them more than it does you’, so let’s solve this problem. One of the best ways to get more nutritious foods into your children’s bodies is to have them drink them. You can juice all sorts of vegetables that you may not have thought of before. Mixing them with the right fruits, yogurt, and natural sweeteners (like honey or sweet fruits) can make it a breeze.

how to get children to eat vegetablesThis is one of the more common problems that parents face. In many cases, if these parents would take an honest look at their own diets, the truth would be revealed – they don’t eat them either! Why would your children eat spinach and ‘weird’ stuff like flax seeds or oil if you aren’t consuming these things yourself? The answer: they wouldn’t.

If you’re looking to include some of these natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant foods into your diet, this can be a fun and easy way to do it. There are entire sites like the one you’re on dedicated to juicing your way to better health and well being. You can find a variety of recipes here to get you started. Once you know what you like, you can start creating your own. Better yet, have your kids help you create their very own. Let them have some fun with it. Oh, you want some pineapples with your spinach, you bet! The point is, make the process of eating healthier more fun and enjoyable.

This is one of the easiest ways to add more of these important groups into your diet. We’ve heard for many years now about the health benefits of any number of anti-oxidants. These are all found in the fruits you can find in most any grocery store or farmer’s market. You don’t need to take extensive or expensive supplements to get these things into you and your family’s diet.

While we’re on the subject, it is recommended that you eat as much of these foods organic as possible. Some foods, like grapes, strawberries and lettuce families are known to be more highly sprayed with insecticides and other commercial agricultural chemical compounds. You really don’t want these in your body. This is especially true of your children, who will build up higher concentrations of these toxins over time in their bodily tissues.

This is just one more reason to look locally and to your farmer’s markets for fresh, organic produce. Not only may you find some interesting fruit and vegetable choices, but you’ll be helping your local community. You may even find that you build relationships with some of these folks and end up helping your kids get involved in their own habit of lifelong healthy eating.

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