A Total Body Cleanse Starts With the Colon

Juicing is a great way to help toilet paperwith a complete body cleanse. Fresh Juices supply us with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and enzymes in a way that is easily and quickly absorbed. This provides tremendous support to our major detoxification organs – the liver, kidneys and colon. Before starting any kind of detox method we must ensure that the colon is functioning properly. Many of the toxins that are released during whole body cleansing are transported from the liver to the colon to be eliminated. If we are not having a bowel movement at least once a day we will reabsorb a lot of the toxins back into the bloodstream. Some health experts even believe that we should have one bowel movement for every meal we eat. If we eat three meals a day, we should poop three times a day.

Colon Health:
1) The most important thing we can do for the colon is to eat plenty of fiber daily. We should cut out refined grains and swap them for whole grains, eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, include nuts, seeds and legumes in our diet. This will help bulk up the feces and move it through. Taking psyllium husks is also highly recommended to help with elimination.

2) Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day, the colon will slow down if we get dehydrated.

3) Seriously cut back on sugar. I recommend only [ad#Probiotic]eating sugar which comes naturally in fruits and vegetables. White sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other forms of added sugar feed undesirable intestinal bacteria, such as candida. This can play havoc with digesting and eliminating food, causing problems like IBS, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, infections and an under functioning immune system. Taking a high quality probiotic supplement is recommended, and can go a long way to improve intestinal flora and digestive health.

4) Clearing out old fecal matter is another important step in colon health. Unless we have been eating a pure diet all our lives or have already undertaken some strong colon cleansing methods, we will almost certainly have old feces hanging out in the colon. Yes, this is true, as unpleasant and unhealthy as it sounds! However, there are herbs we can take that help to shift this old fecal matter, improve peristalsis and help re-lubricate the colon wall. Look for herbal supplements that contain any or all of these herbs – Ginger Root, Fennel, Termianlia Cherbula, Cape Aloe, Senna, Barberry Rootbark, and Barberry Rootbark. A good quality Aloe Vera gel or juice is also beneficial for shifting old fecal matter.

5) Exercising is one of the best gifts you give to your colon health. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three time a week really helps keep the bowel moving. Yoga and Tai Chi are also great and help with digestion. To read more about nutrition for exercise visit muscle recovery

Juices for Colon Health:
Some fresh juices help to bulk up the feces and also help provide beneficial vitamins and oils that can help improve the quality of the mucous lining of the colon wall. Here are some juicer recipes tailored for the colon.

Total Body Cleanse Juice #1 – Carrot Juice
carrote juice5 large carrots

Carrots are beneficial for helping regenerate the mucous membranes of the colon wall. This is due to their generous supply of vitamin A, which is needed for the health of all mucous membranes in the body. Carrot juice is also great for bulking up the feces.

Total Body Cleanse Juice #2 – Apple and Pear
2 apples
2 pears

No need to peel the apples and pears, this will add some fiber to the juice. Apple and pear juices are great for helping the bowels move, so this is also a great constipation remedy.

Total Body Cleanse Juice #3 – Lemon Juice
2 lemons
water to dilute

Only juice the flesh of the lemons. Add water to your taste. This is a great juice to take on an empty stomach before breakfast. It has a great flushing effect, and is actually very beneficial for the kidneys and liver. If you warm it up a little it can help move the bowels even more, but don’t overdo the heat. The hotter the juice, the more the nutrients are destroyed.

Total Body Cleanse Juice #4 – ACL Colon cleanse
4 carrots
1 apple
1 lemon

This juice is great for your colon and will really help jump start a colon cleanse.

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Juices to Cleanse Your Body of Toxic Heavy Metals

Heavy metal detoxification is an in-depth crane hookbut necessary process to attain optimum health. I can only begin to scratch the surface of this in-depth process in this post. You will find tailor-made juices that provide specific nutrients and foods to induce a heavy metal detox. For a better understanding of heavy metal detoxification, please check out the great links at the end.

Chelation Therapy:
Chelation is a fundamental aspect of heavy metal detoxification. It was first used as a therapy during WW1 to help with the effects of arsenic based gas poisoning. It was further develop in WW2 to help navy personnel who suffered lead poisoning from painting ships. Chelation therapy is the intake of certain nutrients or foods that turn poisonous metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury into a more chemically inert form that is safe enough to be excreted.

Oxidative Stress:
nuclear power stationOxidative stress is the presence of rogue molecules called free radicals that attack our cells. This can cause damage to our organs and DNA, speed up the aging process and increase our risk of developing cancer and heart disease. The presence of poisonous heavy metals in our cells greatly increases the effects of oxidative stress. When a free radical collides with a heavy metal particle it can result in creation of a million more free radicals! Our natural defense against this is to increase our intake of antioxidants, which “tackle” free radicals and render them inert.

As we can see, increasing our intake of antioxidants along with foods that have chelation properties are two important steps in heavy metal detoxification.

Here is a list of foods and nutrients with chelation and antioxidant effects:

1) Vitamin C intake has been shown to help lower heavy metal toxicity in the general public. It is suggested that doses of at least 2000mg per day are needed for vitamin C to act as a chelating agent. A high quality supplement of vitamin C is recommended along with juicing to achieve the necessary dosage.

Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant, an essential ingredient in combating free radicals. One study has shown that vitamin C helps protect the lungs from inhaled oxidative pollutants.

2) Vitamin E has been shown to chelate mercury and flush it out of the system. Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant. When vitamin C and E are taken together they work in a partnership enhancing their antioxidant effects.

3) Vitamin A – although not necessarily a chelation agent, it is an integral part of the antioxidant family and important for the protection of our cells.

4) Glutathione is considered by many health professionals as the king of antioxidants. It is a key player for cleansing your body of toxic heavy metals. It has been shown to be effective at enabling the body to deal with cadmium, iron, lead, and mercury. Also, low blood levels of glutathione is directly related to increased toxicity. Although glutathione is made by the body, it is safe to assume that many people are seriously deficient. The oxidative stress incurred by these take a heavy toll, and deplete the presence of glutathione in our cells. It is very important, not only for heavy metal detox, but for overall health to increase the amount of glutahione within our bodies. Increasing vitamin C intake has been shown to raise glutathione levels to some degree. Asparagus, broccoli and spinach contain amino acids that are known to help raise glutathione levels.

To greatly increase glutathione I recommend a product called Immunocal HMS 90 that you can buy at Amazon.com.

5) Cilantro is an herb of the parsley family and a great asset for heavy metal removal. Studies have shown that it is very effective at removing mercury and has become a standard in many detox programs.

Cleansing Juice Recipes

Cleanse your Body Juice #1 – Super Dose Cilantro
4 cups of cilantro
2 apples

Wash cilantro and apples and juice everything whole – no peeling. Apples help to sweeten the bitterness of the cilantro and provides beneficial antioxidants.

Cleanse your Body Juice #2 – Glutathione Boost
Spears10 asparagus heads
1 cup of broccoli
4 large carrots

If you are using organic then the carrots only need to be washed, if not peel them to reduce the amount of pesticides in the juice. Asparagus contains the highest known levels of glutathione in any food source. Asparagus, broccoli and carrots all provide vitamin C to also help increase glutathione levels, as well as providing other antioxidants like vitamin A.

Cleanse your Body Juice #3 – Super Dose Antioxidants
2 kiwi
2 cups of blackberries
2 cup of blueberries

This combo is a great source of vitamins A,C and E.

Cleanse your Body Juice #4 – Metal Magic
2 cups of parsley
10 asparagus heads
1 cup of broccoli heads
1 cup of spinach
4 large carrots

This is a great overall juice for heavy metal detox- high in antioxidants and glutathione. The bitter greens also help the liver secrete bile to aid in flushing out these toxic heavy metals. If this juice is too unpalatable for you add some apple to sweeten.

Here are two great links about heavy metal detox –
1. Heavy Metal Detoxification
2. Heavey Metal Detoxification Blog

Wishing you the best in your detox,
Darren and Veronica Haynes

Juicing for a Natural Cleanse

red beetroots Detoxing is a necessary process to undertake if you want to attain optimum health. We are bombarded with pollutants in our food, water and environment. Couple this with intensive farming practices and TV dinners, which devitalize produce of their nutrition and vital energy, and we have the toxicity problems that we face today. To induce a natural cleanse we have to aid all of the bodies organs that are responsible for the elimination of toxins –

1) The liver – filters the blood
2) The kidneys – also filter the blood
3) The skin – releases toxins through sweat
4) The lungs – release harmful toxins through breathing
5) The colon – essential for eliminating toxins

Liver, Kidneys and Colon:
The liver, kidneys and colon work together directly to eliminate toxins through urine and fecal matter. The liver is the first vital stage in this process. Acting as a filter, the liver transforms harmful chemical toxins in the blood steam into safer water soluble substances that can be passed to the kidneys and colon. The substances that reach the kidneys are filtered into the urine to be excreted. Whereas the substances sent to the colon are transported through bile generated by the liver. So, supporting these three organs is an essential step for detoxification, and this is where juicing comes in.

Juicing for the Liver:
For most of us, our liver is so overloaded with toxins, it doesn’t get a second to rest. Each day we are exposed to more toxins than the liver can handle. So where does the excess toxins go? Unfortunately they are stored in our fat cells until that day in the future the liver gets an opening to deal with them. As you can guess, unless we are health conscious and implement that understanding, the liver will never get that space. From this we can conclude that toxicity is an epidemic. Fortunately, juicing can go a long way in supporting the liver and helping it detox –

1) Juicing can provide antioxidants that can help to remove toxins and unburden some of the load on the liver. If the produce you juice is organic, that will be very helpful. The liver will not have to deal with the pesticides from non-organic produce.

2) Juicing allows a super dose of antioxidants and nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream very quickly, greatly enhancing their effects on detoxification.

3) Raw fruits and vegetables, and therefore juices, are a great source of natural enzymes. These enzymes are also used by the body to detoxify toxic material, lightening the livers load even further!

The best time to drink freshly made juices for a natural body cleanse, is between meals. This allows the enzymes to be used by the liver and blood for detoxification, rather than be used to help digest a meal. The best fruits and vegetables for liver detox are –

1) Cruciferous Vegetables such as, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. They all contain glucosinates that help the liver to produce detoxification enzymes.

2) Lemon juice helps the liver produce bile to wash away toxins to the colon for elimination.

3) Beets are a tonic for the blood that can help remove heavy metals from the body.

4) Blackberries are a great source of 3 important antioxidants – vitamins A, C and E. As already mentioned, these antioxidants will help with detoxification and reduce the load on the liver. Vitamin C intake has been shown to increase the amount of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is considered “the king of antioxidants” by many health experts and is one of the most powerful in fighting free radicals. This is important because many free radicals can be released from toxins during the detoxification process and attack liver cells.

Natural Liver Cleanse Juice #1 – Lemon and Apple
2 apples
1 lemon

Juice the whole apple, skin, core , the lot – this will put more fiber and pectin in the juice to help the colon move. Only juice the flesh of the lemon and not the peel.

Natural Liver Cleanse Juice #2 – Blackberry Lemon
3 cups of blackberries
1 lemon

This juice will provide immense antioxidant activity and protection for the liver and help stimulate more bile production.

Natural liver Cleanse Juice #3 – Cruciferous Cleanse
2 cups of broccoli heads
1 cup of cauliflower (the flower part only)
4 large carrots
1 beet

This juice might not taste so great – but it is awesome for the liver!
Add half an apple if you need to make it a little sweet.

Juicing for Kidneys:
The most important thing you can do for aiding your kidneys and detoxification is drink lots of fluids. Flushing the kidneys is important so they keep shifting the toxins into our urine. There are also certain foods we can juice that help stimulate the kidneys. Grapes, parsley, asparagus, and watermelon are all helpful. Also, drinking a cup of the classic diuretic – dandelion tea – is very beneficial.

Juicing for the Colon:
The colon like the kidneys needs to keep moving regularly. To be [ad#Enhanced Fiber Food Powder, 453 grams]healthy we need to have at least one bowel movement per day. If our stools hang around in the colon for too long, we can start to reabsorb the toxins back into the body. This, of course, will undo some of the hard work of the liver. One of the most important things you can do for colon health is to eat plenty of fiber everyday from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. However, there are some foods we can juice that have beneficial colon effects –

1) Apples contain pectin, which can help slow down the spoiling of protein matter in the stools.

2) Cucumbers contain enzymes that help digest proteins.

3) Carrots contain oils that can help improve the quality of the mucous membranes of the colon. This helps keep the colon lubricated and improve transit time. Carrots also help bulk up the stools, which improves peristalsis and also allows the stools to absorb more toxins for elimination.

Overall Cleansing Juices:
I have put together five more juices that benefit the liver, kidneys and colon to induce natural body cleansing.

Natural Cleanse Juice #1 – The CCA Juice
1 apple
1/2 cucumber
3 carrots

Juice the whole apple, don’t peel the cucumber, and top the carrots. This juice is great for natural cleansing and is also a great constipation aid.

Natural Cleanse Juice #2 – Watermelon
Fresh and juicy watermelon1/4 of a watermelon

Juice the flesh only. Watermelon is great as an all round natural body cleanse, with extra emphasis on the kidneys. Drinking watermelon juice always gives me that “clean” feeling inside.

Natural Cleanse Juice #3 – Berry Blast
2 cups of blackberries
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of raspberries
1/4 of a lemon

Wash berries thoroughly. Juice only the flesh of the lemon.

Natural Cleanses Juice #4 – Lemon Juice
2 lemons
water to taste

Natural Cleanse Juice #5 – Cleansing Greens
2 cups of broccoli heads
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of parsley
1 cup of kale
1 apple

Wash thoroughly and juice everything whole. The bitter greens help the liver to secrete bile.

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