Juicing for Diabetes – Green Bean Juice and Brussel Sprout Juice

Juicing For Diabetes

There are some great fresh juices that can help with the heath condition diabetes, but we have to be very selective about what produce we juice. First of all, we should avoid fruit juices because of their high sugar content. All fruits contain fructose, while some fruits, such as grapes contain pure glucose. Clearly this is not great for keeping blood sugar levels even. If we take into account that juicing removes the insoluble fiber from fruits that is needed to slow the down the digestion of the sugars they contain and couple this with the fact that one serving of fruit juice contains 3 or 4 or even more pieces of fruit, we can see just how much of a ‘sugary effect’ fruit juices can have upon our blood sugar.

The better alternative is to generally stick with vegetable juices which are, as a rule, considerably less sugary. Vegetables that grow in the ground such as carrots, potatoes, yams and beets are exceptions and are more sugary than other kinds of vegetables. (However these ‘ground vegetables’ are still less sugary than fruits and carrot juice is acceptable for helping to sweeten less pleasant tasting vegetable juices). Vegetables that grow above ground have very little sugar content and therefore make great juices for the diabetic.

Green Bean Juice and String Bean Juice
Of all the vegetables that grow above ground there are two in particular that are especially effective for diabetes – green beans (aka string beans) and brussel sprouts. Both these vegetables are unique in that they contain natural insulin! So making a a juice that is a mixture of the two (2 ounces of each) and drinking this daily is one of the best juicing recipes for diabetes.

The video below is an excellent speech given by a genuine diabetes type 2 sufferer who started using natural foods to combat diabetes.