Juicer Recipes and Home Remedies for Oily Skin Treatment

Oily skin is caused by an pommes frites frying in oiloverproduction of sebum, the oil that lubricates our skin. This is fundamentally a hormonal problem that triggers the sebaceous glands, beneath our skin, to become overactive. This can often be a hereditary problem or the result of hormonal changes in our life. Hormonal changes during puberty and the teenage years is a well known risk factor. Pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and menopause are times when sebum production may increase in women.

Oily skin treatment requires a duel approach –

1) Employing techniques that help take away some of the sebum already in your skin – External applications

2) Using methods that can help your subaceous glands produce less sebum in the first place – Internal applications

How to get rid of oily skin ?

1) Wash the face two to three times a day, but don’t over man in a showerdo it! Excessive washing can remove too much sebum, which in turn will signal the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum! This can be a classic mistake when dealing with oily skin. Using glycerin soap can be beneficial, it is much kinder on the skin and doesn’t contain chemicals that can cause more problems.

2) Aloe vera gel is a great treatment for oily skin, it helps remove sebum from the skin and cleans out pores. Topical applications of aloe vera also help soothe the skin and provide beneficial vitamins for skin health. Aloe vera gel is available at most health stores.

3) Keep your hands off your face! It may be difficult not too check how oily it is “up there”, but this will transfer dirt and oil from your fingers and can worsen the situation.

4) Juices for skin care There are certain vitamins that are necessary for skin health. Most importantly for people with oily skin is vitamin A – which has been shown to help reduce some of the production of sebum. Furthermore, vitamin A is essential for the reproduction of skin cells and protecting them from pollution. The mineral zinc is essential for wound healing, and may help reduce the scarring effects of removing blackheads and other pimples.

5) Coenzyme A has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and is very popular in China. The USA is a tough place to get supplements approved. Research has shown that Coenzyme A can be very effective at reducing the amount of sebum released by the sebaecous glands. I recommend shopping around for this product, it might be the best thing you do for combating oily skin.

Oily Skin Remedies Juice #1 – Blackberry Kiwi
2 cups of blackberries
2 kiwis

Wash blackberries thoroughly and peel the kiwis. Both these fruits are good sources of vitamin A and great sources of zinc

Oily Skin Remedies Juice #2 – Carrot Juice
5 large carrots

Wash, juice, enjoy! Carrots are a great source of vitamin A.



Oily Skin Remedies Juice #3 – Cantaloupe
the whole melon and two half

1/2 cantaloupe melon

Remove the skin, scoop out the seeds and juice only the flesh. This fruit is also high in vitamin A, and is also great for detoxification.



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Juicing for Clear Skin

Baby Interested in how to get clear skin? Juicing can help! First, juicing can help in keeping us hydrated, which is very important in developing clear skin. Second, juicing provides us with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, some (if not all!) of which is essential for healthy skin. Last but not least, juicing detoxifies all of the bodies cells!

Vitamins for Clear Skin:

Vitamin A is essential in developing and maintaining the epithelial tissue. This is the outer tissue of the body such as skin. Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, also protects skin cells from some of the damage of free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the aging process.

Vitamin B2 is essential for the body’s growth mechanisms, therefore it benefits the growth of skin, as well as hair and nails.

Vitamin B3 helps promote blood circulation around the body, which in turn helps deliver more nutrients to more of the skin cells.

Vitamin B5 is also referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin” because it plays an important role in regulating hormone production of the adrenal glands and helping to combat stress. Stress is a recognized contributor in skin flare ups.

Vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to dry and cracking skin, especially around the mouth.

Vitamin C is an essential component of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in the skin that gives it elasticity and youthfulness. It should not be understated how important collagen is for the health of your skin. The minerals iron and copper are also important components in the make up of collagen.

Vitamin E is an important and key antioxidant for protecting the skin from ultra-violet light, pollution and smoke.

Recipe for Clear Skin #1 – Blackberry Juice
4 cups of blackberries

Wash berries thoroughly and juice. Blackberries (and berries generally) actually contain all of the above listed vitamins, so they are the perfect fruit for you to have clear skin! They are particularly high in vitamins A, C and E.

Recipe for Clear Skin #2 – Berry Medley
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of blackberries
1 cup of raspberries
1 cup of strawberries

This juice is both nutritious and delicious and loaded with great skin vitamins.

Recipe for Clear Skin #3 – Clear Skin Vegetable Juice!
3 large carrots
1 celery stalk
1 cup of of broccoli heads
1 cup of spinach
1/2 apple

These vegetables will ensure you get your daily dose of healthy skin nutrition! This is also a great juice for a total body cleanse .

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Home Remedies for Acne – Try Juicing

Anyone who has suffered from acne flower_flowers_stuffed_250188_tnknows how scarring it can be both physically and emotionally. Not everybody reacts well to the medications currently on the market for acne. In this case, it might be worth looking into a home remedy for acne or alternative methods.

Avoiding greasy foods and avoiding sugar and refined carbs is gaining support as one possible cause for acne. This is considered a controversial subject, but there are more than enough studies relating high carb, especially high sugar diets, with acne problems.

As for grease – well if you surf the internet on this subject – you will find many people who will tell you that cutting down on grease made a big difference for them. Also there are many who will tell you that lack of sleep and stress will bring about flare ups. If you are having trouble getting to sleep visit how to fall asleep fast.

Personally, I think it is a good idea to avoid these foods as one aspect of your Acne Treatments to see if it can help. Also, these foods should be avoided for a variety of other health reasons.

Fortunately there is something less controversial – and that is nutrition for healthy skin.

Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is needed to protect the skin. A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to rough, dry and cracked skin. Furthermore, it helps reduce the production of sebum. Too much sebum production is one fundamental cause of acne.

Vitamin E:
Getting enough vitamin E is essential for a healthy immune system. It also works with vitamin A to produce dermatological beneficial effects. You will find both vitamin A and E in facial creams. Vitamin E also helps to reduce the production of sebum.

Zinc can be helpful in preventing inflammation and flare ups in the skin. Zinc is also an important mineral needed for skin to heal and to reduce the effects of scarring.

It is easy to get an abundance of the above vitamins and minerals through juicing specific fruits and vegetables. Juicing has much more to offer. It can hydrate the skin and detoxify all the body’s cells and cleanse the system.

Home Remedies for Acne Juice #1 – Carrot Cleanser
3 carrots
1 cup of broccoli heads
1/2 apple

Remove stem from apples and top the carrots. Juice and enjoy. This juice contains high amounts of vitamin A and is a good source of zinc and some vitamin E.

Home Remedies for Acne Juice #2 – Berry(bury) That Acne!
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of blackberries
3 kiwis

Peel the kiwis and wash the berries thoroughly before juicing. This juice is an awesome source of vitamins A and E and zinc!

Home Remedies for Acne Juice #3 – Blackberry Blackhead Buster!
4 cups of blackberries

Blackberries are a great source of vitamins A, E and zinc.

Home Remedies for Acne Juice #4 – Watermelon Cleanse.
1/4 watermelon

Juice the flesh only and not the rind. Watermelon is a good source of vitamin A and is an all around great natural cleanser for the body and its cells. Plus, it tastes great!

Home Remedies for Acne Juice #5 – Carrot Apple Juice.
3 carrots
1 apple

Top the carrots and remove stem from apple before juicing. This juice supplies vitamin A and E.

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