Characteristics of the Best Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods The best fat burning foods are high in fiber or protein. While some argue that no food can effectively burn fat, other sources insist that some foods are clinically proven to promote and maintain weight loss.

Rather than simply limiting the intake of fat, the best fat burning foods moderately elevate sugar levels for a longer time, leaving the dieter satisfied for longer. One example of such a food is an apple, providing only 81 calories, on average, but its soluble fiber prevents rapid changes in blood sugar that produce pangs of hunger. An apple is a treat that can help you avoid hunger and even lower cholesterol.

Berries represent another source of fiber that can curb longings for sweets, having natural fructose sugar. With only 40-80 calories per cup, dependent on the berry, they are a treat that similarly prevents hunger without large intake of calories. They make great ingredients for any fruit juice recipes or shakes.

Foods high in protein are considered fat burning, as well, as long as the protein is lean. Lean meats such as turkey or chicken provide the body with this nutrition. Protein intake is beneficial, because protein consumes more calories while being digested than either fat or carbohydrates, promoting the metabolism more effectively for longer.

Caffeine is also considered a fat-burning element, as it elevates the heart rate, which in turn burns more calories. Many sources of caffeine, however, are rich in calories, so it is important to manage intake of sweet coffees.

The chemical EGCG, similarly, causes the nervous systems to run more quickly, rather than the heart, but this also helps to burn calories. Green tea is an excellent source of EGCG as well as antioxidants, and when combined with caffeine, can help burn 80 more calories per day, while the body is at rest.

These foods that burn fat and others high in protein and fibers assist the body in maintaining its metabolism and curbing hunger pangs. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, they have been proven to significantly assist in weight loss, without harming nutrition.

Learning how to lose weight by eating right can be difficult at first. Unless you have already have a strict nutrition schedule mapped out for you, you are often not sure what you are allowed to eat. Hopefully this article has helped you figure out what kinds of natural fat burning foods will help assist you in your weight loss without having to stick to a strict eating schedule. Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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