Coconut Water – One of Nature’s Best Diet Foods

The coconut got its name in Spanish and Portuguese origin. The three round indents found on the coconut were said to resemble a monkey’s face. The word “coco” means “monkey face”. But, unlike its name implies, the coconut is not a nut, it is actually the largest known seed.

At the start of the 20th century on the Nicobar Islands, whole coconuts were used as currency to make purchases and trades for goods.

When you open a coconut, there is an opaque, sweet liquid inside. This is the water of the coconut. Recently, coconut water has gained momentum as a popular sports drink. Its many nutritional benefits are recognized and touted. It is rich in electrolytes and not only helps to replenish one after exercise, but it can also boost the immune system, raise metabolism, fight viruses, promote weight loss, to name a few of its potential uses.

At present, development of coconut water products is underway and will soon hit the market. Large beverage companies are about to jump on the coconut water band wagon. However, it is important to drink coconut water in an undoctored state. It does not need any additives or preservatives. It is a wonder fluid on its own. When considering a coconut water product, choose one that is 100% pure.

Coconut water is not only one of nature’s best diet foods, but it has roots in medicine as well. Back in the 1940s it was used for emergency plasma transfusions on injured soldiers. In third world countries it has saved countless lives used as an IV solution. It has been deemed to contain more nutrient value than either milk or orange juice. It can actually be better for a baby than formula. It contains lauric acid, a substance that is found in human breast milk.

As one of nature’s best diet foods, coconut water contains less sodium, more potassium and higher levels of chloride than commercially prepared sports drinks.

Coconut water is delicious and healthful. It is a great addition to smoothies or wonderful on its own. It is truly nature’s healthy diet foods.

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