Disadvantages of Prescription HGH

Disadvantages of Prescription HGH

Hormone levels are responsible for

the appearance of many signs of aging. Therefore, the best way to reverse aging is to replace these hormones. Specifically, HGH is critical for various biological processes including cell regeneration, tissue repair, healing, muscle growth, metabolism and bone growth. Since production of HGH slows down as we age, the deficiency in HGH warrants for hormone replacement using prescription HGH.

Prescription HGH can be obtained only with a doctor’s prescription. It is normally given to patients with human growth hormone deficiency, such as to promote linear growth in pediatric patients. However, since prescription HGH prevents premature aging and reverses the aging process, older adults with declining HGH levels are using it as well. Prescription HGH however should not be abused as it may bring about health consequences that may be irreversible.

Disadvantages of Prescription HGH

The main advantage of prescription HGH is that the hormone is injected directly into the bloodstream hence immediate results are expected. But then, injections with prescription HGH is really expensive and the associated risks with constantly injecting hormones into the body are just so great. Use of prescription HGH may bring about a number of side effects including arthritis, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome and acromegaly.

Moreover, prescription HGH should not be used by people with normally functioning pituitary gland because it may shut off the normal production of the hormone. Once the body became accustomed to the presence of recombinant hormone, it may eventually stop producing the true human growth hormone, which may result in the deficiency of the true hormone. Furthermore, since HGH affects all other endocrine glands, the inactivity of the pituitary gland may cause additional health problems.

HGH Supplements as an Alternative to Prescription HGH

HGH is important in reversing the aging process, but the best way to acquire this benefit is not through prescription HGH. It must be remembered prescription HGH is only for individuals with inefficient pituitary gland. For individuals with normally functioning pituitary gland, it is better to stimulate the normal production of HGH rather than using prescription HGH to avoid the side effects.

Instead of using prescription HGH, individuals may opt for natural way to increase HGH level, that is, through the use of HGH boosters. HGH supplements such as Sytropin contain HGH boosters that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce greater amount of HGH. HGH supplements do not introduce recombinant hormone into the body. Rather, HGH supplements boost the natural production of HGH. HGH supplements similarly provide the benefits of prescription HGH but without the side effects. By naturally increasing the body’s HGH production, individuals would experience increased strength, improved physique and improved overall sense of well-being.

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