Drink Weight Loss Tea For A Slim, Healthy Look

Herbal tea is made from various extracts and has been known as a weight loss tea for thousands of years. Especially in China and Japan, though also in parts of India, this tea was sold to the privileged classes as slimming tea. It was priced exorbitantly then and was made of specialty extracts and mixed in proportions known only to a special group of people. These traditions were passed down through generations and teas for weight loss have become a very popular choice.

The most commonly used weight loss teas in modern times include green tea and Chinese diet tea. This has been recognized as an aid for losing weight for a long time. It is advised to drink a cup of tea with each meal in order to stimulate the metabolic process. In itself, tea contains very few calories (as low as 4 cal.) and it is best consumed with no additions to it. The caffeine that is present in tea propels the body functions to help with burning more calories. Tea also has polyphenols which help to burn fats and stimulate their digestion. Pu—erh and Oolong are two types of Chinese diet teas which are the most sought after for their quality and effectiveness.

Apart from the common usage, it is also beneficial in prolonging endurance during strenuous workouts. Most fitness experts suggest regular consumption of green tea to their trainees. The reason for this is that tea helps in increasing energy levels and thus the trainee can exercise for longer. It builds muscle and reduces the rate of consumption of carbohydrates thus allowing the consumer to exercise for a longer duration of time. The energy levels increase by almost 24% with regular usage. The more the exercise time, the more the calories burned.

Herbal tea consumption also helps in prevention of many diseases related to the heart and stomach. Another reason for this being a popular reason for weight reduction is because it has no side effects unless it is grossly over consumed.

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