Eat High Protein Low Carb Snacks for Fat Loss

Eat High Protein Low Carb Snacks for Fat Loss

Low carb diets seem to be gaining more and more followers as success stories continue to spread from people who have made a switch to the low carb lifestyle and watched the pounds fly off in the process. A whole host of popular low carb diets are now pushed heavily on TV, in magazines and of course online, often by high profile celebrities.

So what is the logic behind focusing on carb intake, rather than fat intake when your goal is to burn fat? Well, it is a rather simple concept that goes as follows:

The majority of carbs, especially highly refined carbs in snack foods we are used to when following Western diets, will increase your blood sugar quite significantly when they enter your system. The body has a default response to this which is to start making more insulin. The purpose of this extra insulin is to begin breaking down these sugars in our blood stream and converting them into energy in a form which we can use easily. Because many of us are typically eating a lot of carbs on a daily basis, our bodies can get most or all of the energy we need to go about our daily lives without the need to draw on other potential energy sources.

high protein low carb snacksOnce we begin to lower our carb intake things start to change. The body is now forced to find energy from elsewhere when our blood sugar levels remain at a more normal level. One of the best and most convenient energy sources is fat, and this is where the body then begins looking for fuel. When fat becomes a major source of energy it can be burned rather quickly, this is what causes the weight loss associated with low carb diets.

One of the best ways to begin the transition to this way of eating is to change your snacking habits and begin looking for low carb snacks instead of the usual cakes, bread and chocolates we are so used to eating whenever hunger sets in. Here are a few quick and easy suggestions to get you started. These are high protein low carb snacks which you can carry with you every day, they are particular good if you train or exercise frequently because of the high protein contents:

Almonds: These can be eaten straight out of the packet and will fill you up well with their high calorie count.

Jerky: Beef jerky is a great high protein snack and actually a lot healthier than most people think, just be sure to choose a variety which is as low as possible in salt.

Pork Rinds: Rinds are a tasty low carb snack which most people tend to enjoy. They are also rich in protein.

Those are just some quick suggestions for high protein low carb snack foods to keep on you at all times. There are obviously many others you can buy and also an endless number of quick recipes for home cooking. Swapping your cakes and chocolates for snacks such as these will go a long way to keeping your blood sugar levels in check though while you decide whether to make the full transition to a low carb diet.

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