Eat Yourself Slim

Eat Yourself Slim

When it comes to weight loss, the term “eat yourself slim” would make no sense to most people. However this concept is one the best ways to lose weight. When it comes to quick weight loss tips this is one of the best. You must be eager to find out what this amazing fat burning tip really is well here it is.

There are several foods that you should consider consuming more of, in order to get your body burning fat at an amazingly rapid rate. This method of eating fat burning foods has been used for many years in hospitals, and has been used to help heart patients lose weight rapidly but safely before undergoing a major heart operation. The method entails including  several so called negative calorie foods in the diet in large quantities.

What are negative calorie foods?


Negative calorie foods are those foods that can be eaten in large amounts without making you put on weight. They take more calories to eat and fully digest than the food actually contains, therefore the more you eat of that particular food the more weight you are supposed to lose. Say for example you eat a handful of strawberries and they contain 15 calories, it would take 30 calories to consume and digest those strawberries. This then creates a deficit which means that you are actually burning fat as you eat.

If you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight then you should think about embarking on a negative calorie food diet. You should be eating as much negative calorie foods as you can, such as strawberries, greengages, asparagus, tuna, chicken, steak, sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, green beans, blueberries and raspberries,

There are so many other foods that you could add to that list, as you go along you will find more foods that you could add to your diet.  If you eat plenty of negative calorie foods and drink a good amount of water on a daily basis, you should begin to see some fat burning results.

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