For Arthritis Pain Try Raisins and Gin

Anybody who suffers from arthritis Raisins and Gintruly wants to believe that they have just found the cure for it, or at least something to help ease the pain. Just ask your arthritic grandmother how many home remedies or cure all she has tried. In addition, at first, they seem to help, but sooner or later, most of them gather dust in the medicine cabinet because they did not really help at all. It is really hard to tell if something is helping with the inflammation of arthritis because so many things can affect it. Arthritis can go into a natural remission, the barometric pressure also affects it, so you might think a medication or home remedy is working, only to find it was one of these things.

The home remedy or folk remedy, whichever you prefer, called the golden raisins and gin remedy has been around for quite awhile, and as you would expect with something passed down by word of mouth, there are some variations in the recipe and dosage. The basic recipe consists of a box of golden raisins poured into a shallow bowl and covered completely with gin. After the gin has totally evaporated, usually a couple of weeks, you eat nine each day. Although there has been no study proving whether or not this works, there are some theories explaining why it might. Some say it is the sulphur that is used in the raisins to give them their golden color, while others say it is the juniper berries used to flavor the gin.

While there is no proof one way or the other, you should not worry about it. If you are worried about the alcohol content, check with your doctor, then if it feels good, do it. Even if it is the placebo effect of just believing you feel better, that will not hurt you either. If there is a chance it works, why not try it? All you have to lose is pain.

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