Homemade Natural Detox Drinks

If you are one of those people who enjoy healthy living, you should consider detoxifying your body to cleanse it from any toxins that are harmful to your body. There are various approaches for detoxifying your body. However, one of the simple ways is by using homemade detox drinks that you can make very easily on your own. These natural detox drinks made from simple natural ingredients such as fruits are among the best detox drinks that you can use to cleanse your body. Here are some of the detox drinks that you can use to flush out toxins.

Green tea is one of the common natural detox drinks used by so many people to cleanse the body. The good thing about the drink is that it also helps prevent some common illnesses. Nettle tea is another common general body cleanser together with ginger tea, which also helps in healing. Natural detox drinks that you can easily make from fruits include the lemon detox drink.  All you need to make this drink is some lemon juice, maple syrup, ginger or cayenne pepper for flavoring and some water. You can substitute this drink for solid food for a few days but no more than a week to cleanse your body.

Other drinks that you can make include fresh juices of bananas, strawberries or even apples. As you make these drinks, you can flavor them by adding honey, lemon zest or even extra soft tofu. These drinks provide you with a great way of cleansing your body and improving your body’s vitality. A green papaya drink, recommended for the cleansing process, can be taken throughout the day for effective results. This drink should be accompanied with alkaline foods and drinks such as vegetable juice, soy or almond milk, olive and coconut oil. A kiwi and grapefruit juice drink is among the best detox drinks for cleansing the liver and the kidneys.

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