Honey and Vinegar Benefits

A combination of honey and vinegar helps bring about alkalinity in the blood. Both honey and vinegar (typically apple cider vinegar because it’s believed to be the most health promoting of vinegar) should be based on un-pasteurized and organic sources so that they are most helpful. Used twice a day, it could alleviate disease and illness. Here are some honey and vinegar benefits:

Healthy bones
Bone health is affected greatly by an acidic PH levels in the blood because the body ‘steals’ minerals from the bones, like calcium, to recover PH stability. Honey and Vinegar has alkaline promoting qualities that reduce the amount of minerals taken from bone.

Arthritis Relief
Arthritis is a debilitating disease that affects millions of individuals annually. When apple cider vinegar is ingested calcium is discharged back into the blood and recirculated back into bones, therefore helping to relieve arthritic pain.

Reducing high blood pressure levels
High blood pressure levels are the result of a broad host of contributing aspects that include poor diet and physical inactivity. The purifying qualities of a honey and vinegar benefits promotes the plaque removal from major arteries.

Immune system benefits
Honey and vinegar benefits include enhancing the immune system. They’ve got antibacterial and antiviral qualities that act as natural antibiotics without the side effects. They work topically as well as internally.

Obesity help
One reason for obesity is indulging in foods high in calories that then become stashed away on the body as fat tissue. Vinegar activates enzymes in the body that are in charge of oxidizing fatty acids.

Combating free radicals
The body start to degrade under the impact of free radicals just like rusting metal. Premature aging can be slowed down greatly because honey and vinegar soaks up free radicals and slows the aging process.

Sore throat remedy
Vinegar helps with treating sinus infections in addition to clearing sore throats. Honey is able to eliminate sore throat problems because of its powerful antibacterial effects. It relaxes the throat and kills off certain bacterium that cause these infections. Actually, expert vocalists usually use a combination of vinegar, honey and lemon juice for soothing their throats just before performing.

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