How to Clear Acne With Green Juice

Getting rid of acne is no easy task, because if it was nobody would have acne in the first place. What makes things even worse is that many of us even make it more difficult again to clear acne, because we are going the wrong way about it.

wheatgrass juiceIf you believe that you are going to clear acne by using over the counter acne products that are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients, then think again. I had been going down this route for many years, without the desired results I was looking for.

Once I changed direction and started using more holistic approaches, mixed in with more modern technologies such as the ANSR beam , then the results started to come. And the one thing that was extremely beneficial was green juice.

The Power Of Green Juice

We all know that eating our greens is extremely important for optimal health, but for extraordinary health benefits then try juicing your greens. When greens have been juiced it makes the vitamins and minerals easily absorbable for the body, meaning you get maximum benefits from them.

If you drink 1-3 cups of green juice per day, you will see significant improvements in your acne, and over-all health also. The reason for this is because the green juice will help to build the blood, remove toxins, provide the body with the required vitamins and minerals, plus there are many more benefits that juice will have on the body, all leading to a happier, healthier and acne free you.

Green Juice Recipes

Green Juice 1: 1/4 of red Cabbage, 2-3 stalks of Celery, 4-5 leaves of Kale, 1 Lemon, 3 Apples, little amount of ginger.

Green Juice 2: 1/2 pear, 1/2 green apple, handful spinach, handful parsley, 2 celery stalks, ½, cucumber, small piece ginger, slice of papaya.

Green Juice 3: 1 lemon 1/2 cup parsley, chopped 1 rib of celery, 2 big handfuls of Spinach, 1 pince of peeled ginger, 1 medium cucumber.

These are 3 green juice recipes I often make that I have found to work very well at keeping my system clean and clear, meaning no acne breakouts. If you have never made a green juice before I would recommend using the above, once you have made a few then start experimenting to see what works for you.

Do I Need To Add SuperFoods For This To Work?

No! You do not need to add any super foods such as spirulina or wheat grass. If you have the extra funds to use them, then it will do no harm, but you absolutely do not have to infest in any sort of expensive “superfood” for this to work. Spinach, cabbage and kale along with the other greens you can buy from the supermarket will have just as much benefits, however there is one thing that is important, that you buy as much organic as possible. The reason for this is because foods that are not organic have usually been sprayed with man-made chemicals that will build up in the body as toxins, which can eventually lead to acne breakouts.

2 Responses to “How to Clear Acne With Green Juice”

  1. debbie says:

    I tried the acne creams that didn’t work like you and changed to juicing fruit and veg each day with good results.

    My absolute favourite juicing recipe is cucumber, celery, kale and apple.

    Lovely jubbly lol

    Take care


  2. Tess says:

    I used to get these nasty break outs if I didn’t scrub when I woke up, before I left for school, as soon as I got home from school, after dinner, and before I went to bed.
    I recently became a grain-free vegetarian and started eating a lot of spinach (Yum!) among other veggies.

    My complexion started to get better, and the greasiness went almost completely away and the angry red painful zits went down to small pimples.

    I stopped using expensive facial cleansers with very few scrubbing beads (the main advertising point) and started using sea salt (as a scrub, and sometimes with a crushed aspirin) before bed every night.
    The pimples have basically disappeared; if I see an outbreak coming or my face is red I use a crushed aspirin (mixed with water as a light scrub) and my face is clear!

    Now that I am juicing I can see my complexion is getting more even.

    I hope this helps someone with bad acne. I wish I would have known about how veggies can help with acne and complexion.

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