How to Take Care of Juicer Parts in your Juicing Machine

So many people have a juicing machine now, you can pick one up at most department stores and they are obviously a very useful and practical appliance to have.  We juice litres of juice every few days at home and if we had to do it all by hand it would not only be impossible (try juicing a carrot by hand – the old lemon squeezer just doesn’t cut it here!) it would take a very long time and be a bit of a deterrent to this very healthful juice which we all know if good for us and tasty too.

Here are some tips in regards to looking after your juicer, so that you don’t need to replace or fix parts – who wants to waste time doing that when you can instead be drinking lots of lovely fresh juice?

Make sure that you wash the delicate parts of the juicer by hand. Depending on which juicer you have, it will say on the instructions that some parts can go in a dishwasher.  Honestly, it is probably better to avoid putting any juicer parts through a dishwasher, but if you are short on time by all means do so with the “dishwasher safe” parts but please wash the other bits by hand.  Many dishwasher accidents have occured through washing non-dishwasher safe plastic parts in them, and it’s all so avoidable.

Secondly you want to wash your juicer parts as quickly as possible after use to avoid acid eating away at plastic, or corroding metal (obviously not so much of an issue with stainless steel but still, it can corrode, especially if you let it sit with moisture or water because this can help the acid activate a reaction – don’t test it with your juicer parts, though!).  You may well be wise, if you are in a hurry, to rinse and give a light scrub over eveything with a little detergent before you set them aside on the draining board to wash “later” because we all know how later can get stretched further into the future than we sometimes intend!

That’s probably the best two ways I can think of to preserve your juicer and to avoid having to fuss around with your juicer parts warranty, better off to be relaxing in your kitchen with a nice glass of fruit or vegie juice…. mmmm.  🙂

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