Invigorating Breakfast Juicer Recipes

Juicing Oranges We all want to have a healthy breakfast, it’s the best start to the day to eat a proper one.  Sometimes it’s not easy to get a healthy breakfast together with a filling one.  There’s not always time to munch on a big bowl of muesli and there may not be the right kinds of fruits to top it to add some freshness and vitamin C.  Also you may not be able to eat regular muesli if you are gluten intolerant or have Coeliac disease or are on a particular diet, for instance a low GI diet.  So you may be into the habit of eating eggs and mushrooms etc, for breakfast, but of course this makes it even harder to get in some vegetable matter.  by all means throw a tomato into the pan with your eggs  – when tomatoes are in season – but when they’re not, consider making yourself some invigorating fresh breakfast juice.

I like to use a masticating juicer to making my juice, because it preserves more of the enzymes and vitamins from the original fruit or vegetable.  But if you already have a different kind of juicer, even just a Breville juicer or a Jack LaLanne power juicer for instance, just use that.  Any juice is better than no juice!  Now take your ingredients, wash them up and cut them to the size that your juicer takes, for instance if you use a masticating juicer you will probably cut your vegetables and fruit into long sticks to push down the chute.  If you have a whole-piece juicer you may be able to just cut the tops off the carrots and throw the vegetables in whole!

Some really good breakfast juicer recipes includes the following. You can always add what you have in the fridge or leave out what you are missing.  It’s not a big problem, as i always say, any juice is better than no juice (oh did I say that again?! Because it’s true!).

Two oranges, two apples, one bunch of celery.  Two pounds of carrots, give or take, and a piece of ginger an inch long or so.  One green capsicum (green pepper) with the seeds and stalk taken off.  Wash all of the above and prepare into the size reuqired for your juicer.  Juice these and pour into bottles.  What I do is drink one glass as soon as I’ve made it, pour one glass to drink over breakfast (I juice before breakfast), pour one small size bottle to take to work with me and put the rest in the fridge.  You get about two litres of juice with this quantity of fruit and vegetables.

Invigorating breakfast juice at its best to get all your vitamin C needs in one tasty, drinkable solution!

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