Is Lemon Juice Good for You?

Is Lemon Juice Good for You?

is lemon juice good for youThe short simple answer to the question “is lemon juice is good for you?”, is YES! Lemons are power houses of nutrients and health benefits, many of these benefits come from the abundance of antioxidants found in this citrus fruit and also from the beneficial acids it contains. Not just great to drink, lemon juice also has some benefits when applied topically. So let’s take a closer look at what is lemon juice good for.

Defends Against Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lemon juice is a wonderful source of vitamin C and one extensive study shows that vitamin C rich diets help to protect us against rheumatoid arthritis. In this study, which was published in the “Annals of Rheumatism”, over 20,000 people who were not suffering with rheumatoid arthritis at the beginning of the study took note of their eating habits in diary. In follow ups to the study, scientists discovered that the people with the most vitamin C in their diet were 3 times less likely to have developed inflammatory polyarthritis than those with the least vitamin C.

Additional Benefits of Vitamin C
The impressive levels of vitamin C in lemon juice helps provide optimal health in many different ways. Vitamin C provides many important functions in the body:

  • It has anti-inflammatory effects that help to reduce inflammation in joints, in muscles following exercise, and also in artery walls. Less inflammation of the arteries promotes heart health since this inflammation contributes to plaque formations.
  • Vitamin C is needed to create collagen. If we consume to little of this vitamin then the body cannot create enough collagen to keep skin supple and youthful, therefore resulting in premature aging of the skin.
  • Vitamin C is an integral part of the immune system that is responsible for creating over half of the antibodies on our bloodstream that protect us against viruses and infections. Low vitamin C intake results in an impaired immunity.

Anti-Cancer Benefits
Lemons are an excellent source of limonin, a type of antioxidant that has been shown in studies to possess potent cancer fighting properties. In laboratory studies with human cells and animal studies, limonin displayed abilities to fight cancers of the mouth, breast, colon, stomach and skin. Since lemon juice contains a whole host of different antioxidants and that high antioxidant intake is strongly associated with reduced cancer risk, then lemon juice can be considered a great drink for helping to protect us from the onset of many cancers.

Acne and Oily Skin
Lemon juice may help with acne problems and with oily skin if applied topically to the skin. Lemon juice is a natural astringent and cleansing agent. It helps to remove excess oil, has anti-bacterial effects and provides nutrition to the skin and antioxidant protection, these things all help to produce a better complexion. Used topically lemon juice should be dabbed onto the skin using a cotton ball. Lemon juice can sting so take it easy and don’t wash your face in it directly.

So if anyone should ask you in the future if lemon juice is good for you? You know what to say – YES!

To you health
Darren Haynes

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