Is Pickle Juice Good for You or is Pickle Juice Bad for You?

Is Pickle Juice Good for You or is Pickle Juice Bad for You?

Well the answer to the fundamental question “is pickle juice good for you or is pickle juice bad for you?” is simply this – both. There is one key benefit to pickle juice – sports nutrition – and one key disadvantage – possibly increasing acid reflux.

Acid Reflux (Heartburn)
Vinegar is in fact one type of food that is not advised if you have acid reflux. The University of Columbia suggests that this is due to the acidic nature of vinegar irritating an already sore wind pipe. Vinegar is a substantial ingredient for making pickle juice, so the notion that pickle juice can help stop acid reflux is contrary to typical medical health advice. Actually, when Jennifer Huget of “The Washington Post” attempted to find proof for a similar claim that cider vinegar combats acid reflux, Professor. Joel Richter at the Temple University of Medicine shared with her that he “completely had no idea how apple cider vinegar would aid someone with GERD and acid reflux.”

The notion that pickle juice aids acid reflux seems to be entirely a matter of word-of-mouth. No scientific research seems to exist, neither has there been official speculation why the brine could be beneficial. This means that drinking the juice while you have acid reflux might be risky; you may wind up tempting fate and upping your pain, especially when you have been told by your physician to not use vinegar. Additionally, if you’re keeping an eye on your salt intake, taking pickle juice is actually a bad idea since pickle juice is high in sodium.

Sports Drink Benefits
Pickle juice generally features high quantities of electrolytes, including salt. This makes pickle juice much like sport beverages in its effects within the body. Electrolytes assist nervous system function and helps cells communicate with each other via nervous impulses. Whenever you deplete the electrolyte levels in your bloodstream by exercising, it can result in muscle tissue cramping. A 2003 study released in the Journal of Athletic Training highly recommends athletes that use pickle juice for replacing fluids to dilute the juice due to its high acidity and salt content.

13 Responses to “Is Pickle Juice Good for You or is Pickle Juice Bad for You?”

  1. t,tk,t says:

    Pickel juice in my opinion can be good for you the vinegar in it cleans your kidneys and helps a lot when your into sports. plus you get your daily serving of salt.

  2. Sadie says:

    I love pickles!

  3. liza says:

    I was asking because this week I’m craving pickles and the joice like crazy…I guess we’ll see. And no not preggo :)and no heart burn.

  4. Kelly says:

    I just didn’t know the benefits to drinking pickle juice. I ate about two and a half pickles and drank a good bit of pickle juice, I have had the craving for pickle juice for about two weeks, finally got my hands on some lol

  5. Aidan (Girl) says:

    I love pickle juice, and if your craving it go for it! it is good for its electrolytes thiny lol and plus if you have a bad soar throat gargle or drink warm pickl juice or cold what ever floats your boat lol <3 sorry for the grammer only in 1st grade! <3 love yah – ;D Aidan (Girl)

  6. abigayle says:

    pickle juice is also good for food piosoning and it helps indigestion it is good stuff ya know lol

    GO PICKLES!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

  7. Lacid Trip says:

    I have been drinking jars of pickle juice for 3 weeks and eat the pickles,
    i really enjoy them and the juice is wonderful. But i go to the doc on Thurs the19th of April. he will do blood work and i should hear something a few days after that. I will keep this updated because i do really enjoy pickles and the juice.
    Oh, i do take med for high blood pressure, so i am hoping i don’t have to stop!

  8. michele says:

    I drink a jar of pickle juice every two days!!!! So yummy

  9. jasmine says:

    i love my pickles, and i love the juice and i love some people can not stand pickle juice ,and i do not know how thay cant love it i mean i love pikles my mom bought me a jar of pickles ,and i ate them in 2 days amd i love them then i drank the juice and the juice is kind of sour, and relly good u can tell that i love my pickles.<3 pickles ,<3 pikle juice lol

  10. Jeff says:

    Pickle juice is not good to drink all the time. It will irritate acid reflux. It is good for after you have worked out to replace electrolyte. But you need to dilute it.

  11. Samm says:

    I am pregnant a crave pickle juice not pickles.. Gosh I cant get enough. But after drinking a bit of it, I find myself with a headache.

  12. Kenslie says:

    I loooove pickles and pickle juice and I’m an athletic trainer we often recommend this to most of our football athletes to replace fluids

  13. alicia says:

    Thought I was the only pickle juice drinker!!!

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