Juicing and Pregnancy

Juicing and Pregnancy
Juicing and Pregnancy
Without a doubt pregnancy is not an easy time for the newly expectant mother, but many questions definitely spring to mind when first you find out you are pregnant, and also throughout the duration of your pregnancy, especially if you are a first time mother. With every coming week or month there will be a new question.

One of the many questions you may find your self asking is: How can I be sure I’m eating a a healthy balanced diet that is beneficial to both mother and unborn child? A tricky one, and one where there is no shortage of opinions. A healthy diet aids in brain development in the fetus, normal and healthy birth weight, and reduces your chances of pregnancy complications such as anemia and pre-eclampsia. Juicing is an excellent way to provide mother and child with many of the nutrients they need. During pregnancy your diet is of utmost importance as you are not just eating for yourself but for the nutritional benefit of your unborn child. This child is depending on you for its proper nourishment.

Additionally, you will also need to be properly nourished to cope with your pregnancy on a daily basis. Because the growing baby is going to take from you what he or she needs and this may cause deficiencies in your body, which will may tell on you at a later date.

Through juicing you can ensure that you and your baby get the vitamins and minerals you both need in an easy and relatively inexpensive way which allows you to prepare many delicious drinks to provide plenty of the vitamins and minerals you and your baby will need.

Having the correct combination of vitamins and minerals can help ease fatigue during pregnancy. It can also help alleviating morning sickness and constipation. (Constipation is very common during pregnancy due to maternal vitamins which may be prescribed by your doctor.)

Eating the recommended amount of fruit and veg to provide you and your baby with the necessary vitamins and minerals may seem a challenge, especially if you feel a little nauseous; juicing makes it easier to consume the necessary quantities. Juice is often a faster and more attractive option than eating a plate full of vegetables. It may also seem more doable if you are experiencing a very bad morning or all day sickness with your pregnancy and have difficulty holding down food.

It is no wonder that juicing and pregnancy should go hand in hand. The list of benefits can certainly outweigh any distaste you may have for fruits or vegetables. Having your unborn child’s best interest at heart will make juicing during pregnancy a simple option to go with.

Despite the fact that green vegetables juices are healthy, if you’re new to the juicing lifestyle it’s quite probable that initially you may not find a glass of juice very appealing or palatable. If that’s the case then why not try diluting your juice with another more palatable juice, or even water?

You could perhaps mix small amounts of green vegetable juice into orange or tomato juice. This way you consume all the nutrients these greens offer. As your taste buds adjust, you can gradually dilute it less.

Other fruits and veggies that have particular benefit in pregnancy are beets (especially rich in iron), watermelon (which can help prevent pre-eclampsia), pears (which can aid absorption of calcium) and alfalfa sprouts (bone growth and development).

Juicing and pregnancy, under your physician’s supervision, will be both rewarding and satisfying. In fact, you will most likely make this a lifestyle change and continue juicing well after your delivery and take full advantage of the benefits of juicing.

So why not go compare juicers, get yourself the best juicer you can afford, juice, enjoy and I sincerely hope that your bundle of joy is delivered safe and sound . . .

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