Juicing, Health and Diabetes

organic apples It is not news that sugary soft drinks can lead to diabetes (to read more about this click here), and there has been a new study conducted in China, linking juices to diabetes.  Does that mean you should throw away your juicer and start drinking water?

Not at all. Freshly made juices are still very healthy, and do not cause diabetes, although you should still be eating whole fruits.  The difference between freshly squeezed juices and eating fruits is that you are not getting nearly as much fiber, which helps slow down the processing of sugars.  This causes a spike in your glucose leves, which is why eating whole fruits is better for you.  However, the spike you receive from drinking 100% fresh squeezed juices is nothing compared to the glucose spike you will receive if you drink processed juices (even if they are 100% juice).

Here are two great healthy juicer recipes:

Apple-Orange-Ginger Juice

This is a wicked combination that has a slight kick to it because of the ginger.  It is best if chilled slightly:

2 apples, 1 red and 1 green

4 oranges, peeled

2 inches of ginger, washed and peeled

Add all ingredients to a juicer and enjoy!!

Super Berry Juice

This one is packed with all kinds of anti-oxidants and super healthy vitamins.  It is sweet, right and incredibly delicious.

½ cup fresh cherries, pitted

½  cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

1 cup strawberries

Make sure berries have been well cleaned.  Add to your juicer and enjoy!!

If you are trying to lose weight, try these juicing recipes for weight loss:

Orange Ginger Carrot Juice

Orange and ginger are a wicked combination, and once you add the carrots, it gives it a really unique flavor.  But the best thing is this one is very low calorie!!

2 carrots

2 oranges, peeled

1 inch ginger

Add to juicer and enjoy!!

Orange Passionfruit and Pinneaple Juice

This tropical beauty is to die for, and again, low in calories.  You will need:

2 oranges, peeled

Juice from one fresh passionfruit

½ small pineapple, peel removed.

Add ingredients to the juicer, and enjoy!

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