Juicing Recipes for Vitamin B1 – Juicing for Thiamine

Generally speaking most fruits and vegetables are not a significant source of vitamin B1 (otherwise known as thiamine). All meats, nuts and whole grains are the best sources of vitamin B1 with a big emphasis on whole grains. Refined grains contain much less vitamin B1. Beri Beri is a disease that results from a deficiency of vitamin B1 and once affected British colonists in Asia who started to polish their rice. Beri Beri affects the central nervous system leading to severe fatigue and problems with the cardiovascular system and the muscular systems because vitamin B1 is needed by neurons (fundamental cells of the nervous system) to function properly. Vitamin B1 is also essential for releasing energy from the food we eat.

Even though vitamin B1 is not found in abundance in fruits and vegetables, many of them still contain some vitamin B1. So if we pick the right juicing recipes for vitamin B1 (juicing for thiamine) we can still provide ourselves with this essential nutrient. The present recommended daily dose of vitamin B1 is 1.2mg for men and 1.1mg for women. Lactating women need 1.5mg per day. The following chart gives the vitamin B1 nutritional value of the best fruits and vegetables that we can juice for this nutrient.

Vitamin B1 – Thiamine – Content of Fruits and Vegetables

(mg per one cup)
(mg per one cup)
Grapefruit0.083Brussels Sprouts0.112
Guava0.111Butternut Squash0.14
Orange Juice0.224Red Bell Pepper0.80
(seeds/arils only)
Data Provided by USDA Food & Nutrition Center

Thiamine Juicer Recipes –

Vitamin B1 Juicer Recipe #1 – Grape Juice
3 cups of grapes (any color)

Directions: Grapes can be juiced whole because the seeds are too small to be a problem for your juice extractor. So the only prepping grapes need is a good rinse and that’s it.

Vitamin B1 Juicer Recipe #2 – Breakfast Blend
1 large grapefruit
2 medium oranges

Directions: Peel grapefruits and oranges and your good to go. Avoid juicing the peels because the contain oils that are toxic to us. However, the white pithy parts of grapefruits and oranges are loaded with antioxidants called bio-flavonoids so try and get as much of the pith into your juicer machine.

Vitamin B1 Juicer Recipe #3 – Asparagus Juice
1 cup of asparagus
2 apples (to sweeten)

Directions: If the apples are organic they can be juiced whole to take advantage of the dense concentration of antioxidants in the peel, otherwise it is better to peel them to cut down on the amount of pesticides that make it into the juice. The asparagus will just need a good rinse before juicing.

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