Juicing recipes for Vitamin B6 – Juicing for Pyridoxal Phosphate

Juicing Recipes for Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxal phosphate, is an essential vitamin of the B vitamin family of nutrients. Like other B vitamins, vitamin B6 is required for breaking down carbohydrates, fat and protein into energy for the body to use. In particular, vitamin B6 is very important in the breakdown of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and low levels of vitamin B6 in the body will result in impaired protein digestion. Vitamin B6 is also essential for the creation of red blood cells and certain aspects of our nervous system.

The daily recommended dose of vitamin B6 is 1.3mg for healthy adults and 1.7g for those over 50 years of age. Older people require more to keep their digestion in good shape. The recommended daily dose for pregnant/lactating women is 1.9mg. The best food sources for vitamin B6 is meat, wholegrains, nuts and some fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and guava are a good source. Below is a chart displaying the best fruits and vegetables that are practical for juicing and are fair sources of vitamin B6 too!

Best Fruits and Vegetables to Juice for Vitamin B6 – Riboflavin

(mg per one cup)
(mg per one cup)
Mango.227Green Pepper0.239
Pomegranate0.211Sweet Potato2.342
Data Courtesy of USDA Food and Nutrition Center

Juicing Recipes for Vitamin B6/Pyridoxal Phosphate-

Vitamin B6 Juicer Recipe #1 – Guava Goodness
3 cups of guava (any color)

Directions: Choose ripe pink guava for the most juice yield. Only put the flesh of guava in your juice extractor.

Vitamin B6 Juicer Recipe #2 – Sweet Potato Perfection
1 sweet potato
4 carrots
1 apples(to sweeten)

Directions: If the apples are organic they can be juiced whole to take advantage of the dense concentration of antioxidants in the peel, otherwise it is better to peel them to cut down on the amount of pesticides that make it into the juice. Chop out the eyes and stem from the sweet potatoes and top the before juicing them.

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