Juicing Recipes for Vitamin D

It has been long believed that vitamin D is not present in fruits and vegetables and that there is no plant source that contains vitamin D (mushrooms are the only exception and then they contain very little vitamin D). So those who know a little bit about vitamins my be asking how you can make juicing recipes that deliver vitamin D?

Maybe you are thinking that I add milk or yogurt to some tasty fruit juice recipes or even mix up some cod liver oil with some green juice recipes and get vitamin D that way, but you would be wrong. You can actually achieve vitamin D from any fruit or vegetable juicing recipe without adding absolutely anything else. You might say that is impossible, but you would be wrong. So then what the heck am I talking about even if I agree that there is no fruits or vegetables that contains vitamin D. The answer is a simple one……

…….Drink your juicing recipes in the sun!!!

Ok, so that was a bit of a trick but vitamin D is created in the body by skin exposure to sunlight. Getting 10-15 minutes of sunlight 3 times a week provides enough vitamin D for our needs.

Summer Sun Juice
Apple Juice
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