LED Pain Relief Therapy For Athletes and People With Arthritis

If you suffer from joint swelling and muscles aches, maybe it is time to try something different. LED pain relief therapy is a proven treatment that can relieve muscle tension and encourage blood flow and circulation. This type of therapy has also be effective in increasing range of motion, and stopping muscle spasms. This is the reason athletes have been using it for years. It even works on healing wounds from the inside out.

LED light penetrates the body and works beneath the skin. Devices that provide this type of light encourage the growth of cells, which helps the body’s natural healing power. The devices use the invisible and visible wavelengths of light.

Studies performed at Odense University in Denmark show that low level laser exposure was beneficial to those who suffer from long-term pain. Ame Eckerdal and Lehmann Bastian studied this extensively.

St. Mary’s Spine Center tested LED light on office workers that were diagnosed with repetitive stress injuries, RSI. Many office workers suffer back and neck pains due to poor posture and repititive motions. The scientists used a low level laser and directed it on the upper back and neck. There finding showed that light decreased the workers pain and stiffness in the back and neck muscles, as well as the spine.

The research and technology has developed over time, and light pain relief has become available to everyone. There is no need to visit the doctor or a health spa to get a session in. This will work great for people who are diagnosed with arthritis. The stiffness and pain in the joints and muscle will lessen after a few sessions. Athletes are another group that can benefit greatly.

With all health issues, it is important to consult a doctor, so talked to him or her about how light can help. They may be quick to write a prescription for a drug that has long-term side-effects, so be sure to look over all your options with them.

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