5 Lemon Juicer Recipes you can Make at Home

History of Lemons

The lemon, also known as the sunshine fruit, has a long history. No Lemonsone is completely sure of the exact origins of this citrus fruit. It is generally considered to have originated in the Asian regions of India and China. In about 700 AD it got introduced to Persia where it became a popular decorative plant for Islamic gardens. From there it spread to Europe’s Mediterranean regions and eventually got itself into the hands of Christopher Columbus. Columbus brought lemon seeds with him on his travels to South America and as far as we know that was the birth of lemons in the American continent.

Benefits of Juicing Lemons

The health benefits of juicing lemons, as with all citrus fruits, is that these juices are a great source of vitamin C and consequently have made their way into many cold and flu remedies. Lemons are also a fair source of the antioxidant vitamin A, which helps fight free radicals. Lemons are also necessary for eye health.

Lemons are a great source of the powerful antioxidant plant chemicals known as phytochemicals. The specific phytochemicals found in lemons are, limonene, tangeritin and hesperidin.

Limonene is able to dissolve cholesterol and has been used clinically to dissolve gallstones that are cholesterol based. Limonene has also been shown in some studies to have neutralizing effects on heartburn and reduce acid reflux. Furthermore, there is promising scientific evidence that limonene, along with tangeritin, have anti-cancer properties.

Hesperidin has been linked to reducing the risk of developing some cancers and reducing the risk of developing heart disease. Also, hesperidin may have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibactarial properties.

Juicing Lemons

When juicing lemons and all citrus fruit – it is important to preserve as much of the white membranes of the fruit as you can. The white membrane and peel is where you will find the phytochemicals most abundantly. So when peeling the fruit, try not to take all the white membranes off with the peel and make sure to also juice the white membranes at the center of the fruit. This way you will achieve the best juicing benefits of lemons.

Lemon Juicer Recipe #1 – Good O’ Lemon Juice
3 Lemons
Add as much water as you need to dilute it to your taste!

Lemon Juicer Recipe #2 – Citrus Mix
2 oranges
1/2 lemon
1/4 of a lime
Add some water if necessary

Lemon Juicer Recipe #3 – Apple & Lemon
2 apples
1/2 lemon

Some people may find this apple & lemon juice more palatable than recipes #1 and #2

Lemon Juicer Recipe #4 – Lemon Medley
1 lemon
1 orange
1 pear
2 apples

Lemon Juicer Recipe #5 – Lemony Melon
1 lemon
1/4 of watermelon (flesh only)

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