Make Carrot Juice | 5 Tips for Making Carrot Juice Tastier

making carrot juiceLast year I bought an Omega Juicer and quickly learned that as much as I loved juicing, it was an expensive habit. I could easily spend $100 alone on just making wheat grass shots, never mind the other drinks I was making every day – sometimes more than once! With a budget firmly in mind, I started concentrating on making the best tasting yet  cheapest drinks I could make. I circled in on using organic carrots as the main ingredient, since they are the most economical option for drinks, and then experimented with ways to liven up the flavor. In this guest post I want to share with you some of the tips I’ve learned for making carrot juice tastier!

1. Cilantro for Refreshment
I’m a cilantro lover, liberally adding it to just about any dish or salad I’m making. But why stop with solid food? Hence, I began to add it to my carrot juice and discovered it compliments the taste very, very well. I know you might be thinking that cilantro is a very strange thing to add, but please try it before you knock it! I’ve converted skeptical friends by having them taste it and they agree, it works. It gives it a nice refreshing, satisfying kick that rounds out the flavor.

2. Crushed Ice for Texture
Crushed ice is another trick I learned early on that makes my drinks tastier. Mainly what I’m going for here is obviously not flavor but something else – texture. I find that adding a small but thick layer of crushed ice to my juice after it’s fully blended improves both the texture and the aesthetic appeal, as the appearance of the ice makes it look more complete.

3. Ginger for Zest
Buying a little bit of ginger root and keeping it on hand goes a long way for altering the taste of your drinks. A small amount of ginger – about the size of a dime – will give it a zesty burst of flavor. Additionally, ginger has many digestive health properties and this is a good way to incorporate those benefits into your diet.

4. Apple for Sweetness
Adding an apple to your carrot juice will make the drink taste lighter and much sweeter. If you have fancy yourself as having a sweet tooth, you will probably find it necessary to sweeten your carrot juice, as it is naturally not very sweet at all. I prefer the tart sweetness of a green Golden Delicious apple for my drinks.

5. Banana for Increased Thickness
One day I added a banana on a whim, without really any idea of how my Omega would treat it. I wasn’t sure if it would really juice or just gunk those up. Turns out it adds a nice thickening to the entire drink, making it a bit more like a carrot smoothie than normal carrot juice. This is a good way to dramatically change the texture, giving the drink more bulk, and add a bit more calories to the drink to make it more suitable as a breakfast replacement.

What other ways do you enjoy making carrot juice?

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