Natural Morning Sickness Remedies

Natural morning sickness remedies

slimming teaThree fourths of all pregnant women experience morning sickness, the slightly inaccurate term to describe pregnancy nausea and vomiting. This makes it one of the most universal pregnancy signs out there, and of course one that most women would rather rid themselves of. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies that can help women feel better. What can you do to safely attempt to remedy morning sickness?

Bland crackers for breakfast

Read any article about pregnancy nausea, and you are very likely to come across the advice to eat dry toast or bland crackers (like rice crackers) in the morning, before even getting up. This advice is rather common, because it actually very effective for many women. Even if you do vomit after your bland, unsalted “breakfast”, throwing up is going to be less unpleasant than it would have been on an empty stomach. 

Eat small meals frequently

There is a strong connection between low blood sugar levels and pregnancy nausea, so it is no surprise that eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day offers relief to many expectant mothers. Try eating five small meals. If you incorporate proteins like boiled eggs, beans, tofu, and peanuts into your diet, your blood sugar levels will remain more stable and your nausea will probably be reduced a little. 

Herbal remedies

Drinking red raspberry leaf (RRL) tea, using fresh or dried ginger in foods, sipping dried peach leaf tea, and using a peppermint infusion are all known herbal remedies for morning sickness. Lemon is also a powerful nausea reliever. Red raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic and helps women all through their quest to motherhood. While you are still wondering how to get pregnant, it helps increase your fertility, and it plays a role in preparing for an easier birth later on in pregnancy as well. 

Know your triggers

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy will notice that some foods and smells induce nausea. Eating greasy, highly processed, or spicy foods causes problems for many newly pregnant women. Take note of your morning sickness triggers, and avoid them as much as possible to gain some relief from nausea and vomiting. Stuffy rooms and smells like stale cigarette smoke also causes morning sickness in many expectant mothers. 

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