Should You Use Resveratrol Supplements or Just Eat Grapes?

The health industry seems to be [ad#Resveratrol Caps, 100 mg 60 vegetarian capsules]looking for the one miracle cure for all diseases and conditions, at all times. First there was fish oil, that still is popular. It helps with everything and we all should be eating more of it. Then there is resveratrol, that is supposed to be the reason for the french being so healthy, even if they eat a diet that is traditionnally considered unhealthy, And today there is vitamin-D, but in this article I will tell you a little bit about the facts that surround resveratrol.

First of all the best source to get it is not in resveratrol supplements, but instead in grapes, especially the dark ones. The biggest problem with grapes is that they are usually filled up with pesticides as they tend not to survive very well without it – the crops would be really poor, the French wouldn’t get their red wine, and we wouldn’t get it either. So they are poisoning these fruits. and a very large percentage of all the grapes that are imported to the United States are never sold, because the amount of pesticides is too high. These pesticides go inside the seeds where most of the fat is located in this fruit, and for that reason you shouldn’t eat the oil that is sold either.

This is a really good reason to use resveratrol supplements instead of eating grapes if they don’t naturally grow somewhere you can see for yourself how much chemicals are used in growing them. These supplements are usually made out of seedless grapes, and they don’t have to have a completely intact surface – they don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing – so they don’t have to use so much poison to keep the insects away. Actually the thinner the skin and the darker the color, the more there is resveratrol to be gathered.

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