Some of the Best Fat Burning Foods

fat burning foodsThese days it seems we’re all looking for the best fat burning foods to help us lose weight naturally. With everyone concerned about their weight and health, it’s becoming a common desire to eat foods that boost our metabolism. Fortunately, there are a number of foods out there that assist in speeding up the metabolism while keeping insulin levels low.

One of the best type of natural fat burning foods to eat when trying to lose weight is anything whole grain. Whole grain cereals and pastas are a great way to trick your body into burning those extra calories.

Another great food to assist in weight loss is salmon. Salmon has omega 3 fatty acids and lowers a hormone in our body called leptin. Lowering leptin levels can produce higher calorie burn.

Also on the list is regular unflavored oatmeal which is great for our bodies because it flushes out digestive acids and reduces blood pressure. Not only is it beneficial to our blood pressure and stomach but it also prevents heart disease and colon cancer.

Fat Burning FoodVitamin C foods are also a great option. Fruits like grapefruit, guava, lemons and oranges are not only delicious but have health benefits to them as well. Vitamin C benefits us by diluting the fat in our bodies and helping to release fat from the body faster.

Besides food, the drink green tea is also great for burning fat. Green tea has EGCG in it which causes the body and brain to run faster and smoother which in turn helps burn more calories.

Lastly, calcium and dairy based products like yogurt, milk and cheese can also be considered foods that burn fat. Dairy products act as fat burners in our bodies and increase fat breakdown in our bodies fat cells.

The foods mentioned above suppress your appetite and keep your body running efficiently by producing clean and healthy fuel for your body. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins and give your metabolism that extra kick which helps take off that unwanted fat.

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