Spirulina, Chlorella and other Green Superfoods are Pioneers of Great Health

Have you ever wanted to fly high in the air and knock out those bad guys troubling the city? If you have, it is because you have always wanted to be a superhero! Even though you know they are fictional characters, you have always believed that becoming a superhero is definitely something great. To get that superhero-like health, you need to eat some real super food! Now that does not mean that you are going to lift up a huge vehicle with just one finger! However, green superfoods can at least give you a better and a healthy life.

Energy supplements, or rather energy boosters like green superfoods, are a complete package of nutrition that can give you a healthy body. Even with small servings, they are able to provide you with energy equivalent to that of green vegetables. The high nutrition density of such foods means that even a few bites, or some sips can fulfill your health requirements. Read on if you want to find out what they are about.

Green Superfoods and your Diet

One of the old proverbs is ‘You are what you eat’. Now this clearly shows that what you ingest is what decides how you go on with your life. As mentioned in the Standard American Diet research, you must take five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is exclusive of the other meals you take in a day. Surprisingly, this is not implemented. People do manage to take a healthy diet, but somehow neglect fruits and vegetables. This leads to obesity, high blood pressure and other similar ailments.

Moreover, the diet suggested by the Standard American Diet normally contains food that is acidic in nature. Foods like bread, pasta, meat and dairy are all acidic. Now, this isn’t healthy for the naturally acidic environment of your stomach. Here is where superfoods come into the picture. Green superfoods are helpful in maintaining an alkaline medium. Not only is an alkaline medium helpful in maintaining your blood sugar and pressure, but it also is helpful in keeping your digestive system healthy. An alkaline medium is also an unfavorable location for bacteria and other microorganisms to breed. Therefore, green superfoods are an excellent way to maintain the environment of your body.

Superstars in the Green Superfood Stardom

Nearly all the green superfoods are enriched with protein, and therefore provide you excellent health. Some of them are:

  • Wheat grass: Wheat grass is thought to be responsible to increase the number of red blood cells in your blood. Now this means that you are less likely to have high blood pressure problems or other heart problems. Wheat grass may also stimulate your thyroid gland and inner metabolism to defend your body against tumors.
  • Barley grass: This green superfood basically maintains the alkaline balance in your body. High in nutrition and protein, this is also gluten-free and non-allergenic. Therefore, it is part of a healthy diet.
  • Chlorella: This protein-rich green superfood has multiple benefits. It greatly emphasizes on detoxifying your body from heavy metals like lead, uranium, arsenic and mercury. It also may purify your liver in the process. Not only that, but chlorella also contains chlorellan and together with Chlorella Growth Factor, it can help in the growth and development of tissues. As it is high in protein, it is a good source of energy. It contains 7g of protein for every 10g of chlorella. With that, it also has essential vitamins like vitamin B, C, and E, together with growth essential elements like calcium and iron.
  • Spirulina: This belongs to the algae family and pure Hawaiian spirulina is the richest source of protein that is studied till today. Also containing vitamin B, K, E and beta carotene, this is a great food for growth. Other elements, like iron and magnesium, are also included. Moreover, it contains amino acids that may result in a better mental function and a quicker immune response, together with an appropriate regulation of blood glucose and pressure.

Other than these, other green superfoods include alfalfa and kelp, both of which are rich in nutrition. Alfalfa largely emphasizes on the maintenance of cholesterol levels and improving the function of the immune system. As for kelp, it is high in protein, a great source of nutrition for beautiful hair and skin, as well as an important factor for healthy digestion and healthy glands.

The Superfood Super Recipe

First of all, read the directions written on the package. It is really important that you know the right quantities so that you can have a meal that tastes good and nourishes you well. Green superfoods taste best when added to a shake or a smoothie, or just as a dressing on your salads or soups. The least you can do is just add green superfoods to a glass of water and sip it as you move along.

People Who Shouldn’t Eat Green Superfoods

By now you might be thinking green superfoods as a healthy diet for everyone. However, there are certain conditions that may not allow you to have these. Such a condition is when you are undergoing some anti-coagulant or anti-platelet treatment. This is because some green superfoods might contain ginkgo biloba, which might obstruct your treatment. Furthermore, pregnant ladies and the ones breastfeeding must consult their doctors before they can actually use green superfoods. If you are allergic to herbs, make sure that you know which herbs will agitate you.

The Superpowers of Green Superfoods

Superfoods are truly the food for superheroes. With great health benefits and the energy they are going to provide you, you sure will arrive to the same conclusion. There is a huge variety of such foods and you can find them available at your nearest health food store and even on online food stores. Before you buy them, study the ingredients carefully and make sure that the ingredients you require are listed at the top of the ingredient list.

Becoming a healthy person is quite easy, and you don’t need to invest much time or effort into it. Thanks to green superfoods, all you need is a spoon and some liquid to give your immune system the boost it requires.

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Tom Hines, co-owner of NutritionGeeks.com (Minnesota’s #1 Now Foods retailer), has been working in the nutrition industry since 1997 and is a retired power lifter. He has a true passion for creatively helping others to learn about health and nutrition, which enhances their lives and well-being. He lives on the prairie in West Central Minnesota, and spends his leisure time coaching youth wrestling, working with his horses, and being play toy #1 for his 3 boys; TJ, Grady, and Brock.

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