Super-Duper Spirulina and Other Green Superfoods

Super-Duper Spirulina and Other Green Superfoods

The old phrase, “You Are What You Eat” is scary in light of what most Americans are putting in their bodies these days. From the antibiotics in meat, to high-fructose corn syrup in almost everything else, the Standard American Diet (SAD) has the nation’s population on the fast track to develop serious disease. For those who manage to eat the recommended five to nine servings of vegetables a day, it’s now clear that the origin of those vegetables and how they’re prepared determines whether they will actually do a body good. Modern agricultural techniques yield fruit and vegetables that have suffered from “the dilution effect,” which is the hyper-absorption of water caused by too much nitrogen fertilizer, resulting in produce with reduced vitamin and mineral content, and less flavor as well.
Processed and cooked food, along with beverages like soft drinks, coffee, tea, and wine acidify the blood and tissue, creating the ideal terrain for molds, funguses, and bacteria to grow. Stress, pesticides and pollution also have acidifying properties.

Raw, organic food grown in mineral-rich soil is the answer to the problem, but in today’s world it can be difficult and expensive to stick with such a pure diet. Fortunately, there are natural, whole food supplements,known as “green superfoods,” which can counter many of the onslaughts our bodies receive while going through the paces of modern life.

Green Superfoods to the rescue

Blue green algae, little green algae, brown-algae seaweed, and cereal grasses comprise the green superfoods. They are better known as Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and Alfalfa. Each one is packed with nutrients that restore the body’s alkaline equilibrium and assist the immune system in combating disease.

Spirulina for energy

If you’re feeling fatigued and generally lacking energy, then Spirulina is the green superfood to help restore stamina and energy levels. Its name comes from its spiral coil shape. Evidence points to the consumption of blue green algae by ancient civilizations. Here are a few examples of how spirulina can benefit your health;

– Contains more protein by dry weight than any other known food
– Contains all the essential amino acids, making it a complete
– A highly digestible protein source for vegetarians and vegans
– An excellent source of essential fatty acids, including GLA
(gamma linolenic acid)
– Helps regulate blood glucose levels
– Contains most of the B vitamins, including folic acid, as well
as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D so essential to good
– Rich in minerals, especially potassium, which is an ingredient
in many supplements meant to increase energy levels
– Helps regulate the body’s inflammatory response
– Improves focus and mental clarity

Chlorella for detox

Green algae may be the oldest form of plant food on the planet. It’s the very best known source of Chlorophyll and has impressive detoxification potential. This is important because it’s so difficult to keep the modern environment free of pollutants. Trans-fats, refined carbohydrates, heated oils, pesticide residues, artificial flavorings, and colorings are just some of the toxins that may be encountered on a daily basis. Symptoms of toxic overload include; skin problems, body odor, flatulence, irritability, and low energy. Studies have shown Chlorella to be an excellent detoxifying agent, supplying these benefits:

– Flushes out pollutants
– Clears dioxin from breast milk
– Cleanses the bloodstream
– Improves overall bowel health
– Reduces flatulence
– Acts internally as a deodorant
– Freshens the breath
– Helps eliminate skin problems
– Reduces hangovers

Kelp for glandular health

The kelp forests of shallow oceans yield over 300 kinds of brown-algae seaweed. This herb of the sea is rich in minerals, contains 21 amino acids, and has an abundant store of iodine.
In addition, kelp:

– Promotes functionality of the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary
– Maintains healthy hair and skin
– Neutralizes radiation pollution
– Neutralizes heavy metal pollution
– Improves digestion

Cereal grasses for alkalizing

Like all raw greens, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass ,and Alfalfa have an alkalizing effect on the system. Some of their attributes include:

– Superior, easily digested nutrition
– Assistance lowering blood pressure
– Strengthening of the digestive system
– Improvement in cholesterol levels (a decrease in the bad LDL
type and an increase in the good HDL variety)
– Invigoration of the immune system
– Better than vitamins

Green superfoods are whole foods, making them instantly superior to the isolated components and synthetic vitamins created in laboratories. They are easily obtained from health food stores and online sources, and come with clear instructions concerning contra-indications, (such as pregnancy) and daily dosage.

The high nutritive value of green superfoods makes them a viable solution to the deficiencies in the modern diet. By adding a small amount to juice, water, soup, or salad dressing, you can get all your minimal daily requirements of vitamins and minerals at one meal. They are portable and easily taken along on trips so that travel does not have to equate to a break from healthy initiatives. If you are what you eat, then you’ll definitely want to add green superfoods to your diet.

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Tom Hines, co-owner of (Minnesota’s #1 Now Foods brand retailer), has been working in the nutrition industry since 1997 and is a retired power lifter. He has a true passion for creatively helping others to learn about health and nutrition, which enhances their lives and well-being. He lives on the prairie in West Central Minnesota, and spends his leisure time coaching youth wrestling, working with his horses, and being play toy #1 for his 3 boys; TJ, Grady, and Brock.

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