The Benefits of Organic Whey Protein Powder

organic whey protein powder

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The demand for organic foods has risen and so is the demand for organic whey protein. Lucine is the main chemical contained in whey protein and this facilitates muscle growth. Aside from the help it can provide in building muscles, it is also very helpful in developing the proper function of the brain. Aside from that, it can also help improve the body’s immune system as whey protein has high levels of glutathione. It can also slow down various diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The consumption of whey protein powder can also help reduce the death of the tissues during illnesses and helps the recovery rate of an individual. The body easily absorbs organic whey protein and this makes it better than any other foods that contain protein.

Although protein can provide the body with lots of positive effects when consumed, it still has to be taken in moderation. For individuals who are using protein powder for bodybuilding, the recommended dose is 150 grams of whey protein per day. This is meant for professionals only while the dosage of protein for other individuals will vary and depend on their body weight. To those who want to stay fit and maintain a normal weight and a healthy body, consulting a physician for the right dosage is recommended.

Foods that are high in protein usually cost higher as it can provide lots of nutrition. However, this should not be the case for organic foods. This is because organic foods come from cultivation without the use of chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, and insecticides. Therefore, the price should not be as high as any other foods as it is obtained from organic farming. The same should apply to organic whey protein. In addition, before incorporating organic whey isolate into your diet, it is best to consult your physician first. This is to make sure that your body can still accommodate the amount of protein you will be getting from the protein powder. Take note that consuming whey protein when your body is obtaining sufficient amounts may cause adverse effects. Although there are no documented side effects of whey protein in the body, the liver might be affected when too much protein is consumed.

Consumption of organic whey protein can provide you with lots of health benefits. It can also provide you with all the necessary nutrients you need for your body’s growth. Aside from that, consuming junk foods will be lessened if you are to replace one to two meals with protein shakes. So make sure to consume whey protein in right dosages to be able to reap all of its benefits when it comes to muscle building and when trying to lose weight.

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  1. francie says:

    do you know of an organic whey protein concentrate that is certified non-gmo (from cows fed grass or non-gmo grain?

  2. veronica says:

    Hi Francie,

    That is a good question, and I have only found 1 so far and they sell it at Amazon. It is USDA certified organic and you can find it HERE

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