The Best Juicing Recipes for Cancer

If you have come to this article because you, a friend or relative has been diagnosed with cancer, then I sincerely hope that you find the natural methods to help you cure this disease. I will say up front that I am in no way qualified to give you the best juicing recipes for cancer or any other natural methods that may help cure cancer. I will, however, recommend some great books on this subject that are among the best in their field. Even though juicing has been shown to be effective for cancer prevention and even cure, it needs to be part of a much bigger picture that includes nutrition among other factors. These great books take a comprehensive and detailed view of curing cancer naturally and holistically.

The Complete Cancer Cleanse – Cherie Calbom

The Complete Cancer Cleanse is a best selling book on the subject of nutrition and cancer. Written by Cherie Calbom, a lady whose dedication to prevention and the cure of cancer is second to none. Her own words clearly explains where her dedication to this subject came from “I only new my mother was dead. At six, I had no idea what breast cancer was, but it had killed her. That was my defining moment – one that shaped my life. From that time on I wanted to know what cancer was, what caused it, how it could be prevented, and how it could be cured.”

The Breuss Cancer Cure – Rudolph Breuss

Naturopathic practitioner Rudolf Breuss developed a 42-day juice fasting program to nourish the body but starve cancer. He also formulated variations for different kinds of cancer. Following his instructions exactly was crucial to success. Although fasting seems irrational when the body is wasting away, Breuss’ patients felt more alert and energetic as soon as they began the treatment. They continued to feel well throughout their fast. Throughout the book their many grateful letters testify to complete recoveries. This title also contains Breuss’ naturopathic and sometimes unusual treatment suggestions for a wide range of conditions from leukemia to rheumatism, infertility to cramps. His book reflects a lifetime of practice.

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