The Health Benefits of Juicing Vegetables

Benefits of juicing vegetablesDrinking freshly made vegetable juices on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do to promote your own health and well being. Although fruit juices are also great for health, they are a wonderful source of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients, they are also high in sugar. For this reason it is a good idea to make the majority of your juices from vegetables, which are much less sugary than fruits. So what are the wonderful health benefits of juicing vegetables?

Fresh vegetables juices are among the most alkaline of all food sources and can help to bring our bodies back from the modern epidemic of acidity. Sugar, most sugar substitutes, sodas, commercial processed fruit juices, meat, fish, seafood, cheese, grains and most prepackaged/processed foods are all acidic forming in the body. So it is no wonder that most of us have a body and blood PH that is too acidic. The actually ideal PH levels is neutral to slightly alkaline 7 – 7.5Ph.

A body that is too acidic is susceptible to a whole host of health problem. Acid reflux, heartburn, gout, poor skin quality are all possible symptoms of over acidity. Because disease also grows faster in acidic environments and over acidic body PH is now being linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart disease and also the development of bacterial disorders and fungus such as candida albicans.

So drinking a fresh vegetable juice every day is worth its weight in gold just because of its high alkaline PH level and how much that can help us ward off the health issues of over acidity.

The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll
When we talk about the health benefits of chlorophyll we are referring to the health benefits of green vegetables only and not vegetables of other colors. Chlorophyll is actually the plant pigment that puts the wonderful green color into plants, trees and vegetables. So if you are drinking a healthy green juice recipe you know you are providing yourself with a rich concentration of chlorophyll. The darker the green the better. So dark leafy greens like spinach and kale and also wheat grass are among the best food sources of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is essentially the ‘blood of plants’ and amazingly the chemical structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to that of a component of our own red blood cells called hemin. There is actually only one tiny difference. Chlorophyll has a magnesium atom at its center and hemin has an iron atom at its center. The good news is that when we eat or drink sources of chlorophyll our own digestive system turns the chlorophyll 100% into hemin! In other words, the chlorophyll has been turned into red blood cells. So chlorophyll is great for helping to improve our red blood cell count. If we mix beet juice with our green juices then we can increase our benefit further because beet juice is a great source of iron.

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Darren Haynes

9 Responses to “The Health Benefits of Juicing Vegetables”

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to start juicing with me. This is a great article – I will have to show it to him! Maybe he’ll believe you lol!

  2. Kim Henderson says:

    I would like to know how often you have to juice to get the required nutrients…Is this a “once a day” thing or do you have to juice every meal?

  3. veronica says:

    As a rule we make a juice everyday before breakfast and drink it about 20/30minutes before breakfast. One daily juice will provide potent health benefits, especially if you rotate the vegetables you are using. However, some people may drink 3 or 4 juices a day and some a few juices a week and this is is still great.

  4. Alicia says:

    I am brand-new to this juicing…day 2 new! I feel lost on how much of things I should be getting. I do not want to starve myself so how do I know I am getting enough of each veggie or fruit. How do I find out this info. I am doing a 30 day fast…total juicing and I do not want to get too much fruit or not enough…not enough veggies…any advice you can offer will help. I have read and read and read and I still feel lost. Thanks!

  5. veronica says:

    Hi Alicia,

    I may not been the norm for juice lovers, but I am not a big fan of extended juice only detox diets. Maybe a couple of days tops, and definitely only using vegetable juice and not fruit juice. Fruit juice is sugary and can negatively effect blood sugar levels if there are not other foods in the diet to stabilize them.


  6. Alicia says:

    Thanks Darren! I am now on day 9 and yesterday was by far the hardest day as far as feeling tired and in a fog. Is this all due to juicing? I am doing 90% veggie juicing…mainly green veggies and only 10% fruit. I know I am adjusting as far as weight loss has been HUGE…19 lbs in 9 days so I am sure that counts for some of the “Run Down” feeling. Is there certain veggies I can drink to give me max. energy? Thanks for all your info and comments! It helps a ton!

  7. etna says:

    Im gaby. I am almost 7 months pregnant and i know im not eating enough fruits and veggies due to my fast pace working hours. I just bought a juicer thinking that it will be more convenient. Please somebody advise me on the quantities i should be juicing.

  8. veronica says:

    Hi Gaby,

    The extra nutrition gained through juicing is a great help in giving the baby the nutrition he/she needs. I recommend staying away from fruit juices and focuses on vegetable juice because fruit juices are sugary and can spike blood sugar, vegetables are generally much less sugary. As for dosage, I don’t believe that there are any official guideline when pregnant, so I will answer based on regular juicing. Personally I tend to drink on glass of 6 to 8oz of juicer per day in the morning before breakfast (and a blended protein smoothie as a snack later in the day). I find that works great for me, but some people drink more than that and may go for 2 or 3 glasses of juice a day. I find that one glass a day is awesome for bringing nutritional benefits.


  9. Kiera says:

    Watch the doco sick, fat and nearly dead. Amazing documentary dedicated to health and juicing. The benefits of juicing are amazing!

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