The Juice Man – Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne Juicer As a child, Jack LaLanne found it difficult to perform the simplest tasks or the easiest work. He was so out of shape that he would rapidly get out of breath and become fatigued. For that reason, he consistently shied away from any sort of physical labor. He was finally motivated to start working out to get his body into shape. In the 50s and 60s, LaLanne’s name became synonymous with working out and healthy diets. LaLanne started exercising in gyms, and soon owned his own gym. He also promoted a healthy diet plan, and one of his prominent contributions was the health benefits of ingesting fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Jack LaLanne had a television program that aired for almost 34 years. On his show, LaLanne demonstrated various workout techniques. After the television show ended, LaLanne went to work on his first power juicer. After working with different ideas and modifying his unit, LaLanne finally came up with a juicer that met his strict demands for quality, durability, and ease of use. The power juicing phenomenon caught on and the market was eventually flooded with power juicing machines, but the Jack LaLanne power juicer is still considered one of the best.

Jack LaLanne’s juicer has a wider feed tube so the user doesn’t have to cut the fruit or vegetables into small pieces. It also has a very powerful motor and is easy to dismantle and clean. This unit also boasts a clutch that detects the load and sends more power to the blades if necessary.

The Jack LaLanne juicer is relatively inexpensive, and is a good value for the price. These units generally range in price from about $100 to $150 depending on the model and where you purchase the juicer. There are four popular models of the juicer.

No matter which model you buy, you will be pleasantly surprised by how quiet these juicers are. The motors all come with a lifetime replacement warranty. All models extract up to 30 percent more juice. These are some of the reasons that the Jack LaLanne power juicer is still the most popular juicer on the market.

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