Three Ways Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Three Ways Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

There are many ways of going about improving your health, increasing fitness levels and losing some excess weight, but one of the most pleasant has to be sitting down to enjoy a cup of green tea. This ancient beverage, enjoyed by the Chinese for thousands of years contains properties that lend itself to promoting good health, staving off illness and also helping with reducing body weight. Here are three ways in which you can use green tea for weight loss.

First, green tea contains caffeine, which is already known for its ability to speed up the body’s metabolism to help it to burn more calories and induce tea weight loss. But recent research has also uncovered an additional benefit in the properties of green tea. When combined with the levels of caffeine already contained in the tea they cause a much improved rate of calorie consumption. This of course helps with the weight loss process especially when combined with a low calorie diet and some light exercise.

Second, green tea helps you to relax, while boosting production of the body’s own feel good hormone, serotonin. This helps to reduce stress, which has been found to be the cause of increased retention of visceral, or belly fat. So by cutting down stress levels, green tea can indirectly help prevent gains in unwanted belly fat. What’s more, when you are less stressed, your digestive system is more efficient and allows your body to make better use of the nutrients contained in the food you consume. So if you are eating a healthy diet, you will get more of the health benefits from it, leading to greater energy levels and more motivation to exercise to aid you lose weight with green tea.

Third, green tea has recently been found to contain properties that inhibit the production of insulin in response to consuming foods containing high levels of refined sugar, saturated fats and high GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates. This insulin response is attributed with higher levels of fat storage and when cause too frequently by a constant bad diet, has also been shown to lead to Type 2 diabetes. So by drinking green tea shortly after eating any of these foods, the insulin response is reduced meaning less fat gets stored and therefore less chance of weight gain.

So you can see that here are three ways that green tea and weight loss go together like a hand and glove. When you include it as part of a healthy diet, you get a boost to your health as part of the deal.

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