Tips for Juicing Apples

Juicing Apples What are the best apples for juicing? This is a question that I often see on the web, at least in the juicing world of the web. I have seen 101 different answers and the bottom line for me is which ever ones you want, you can’t go wrong. Of course the question could mean several things, such as “which apples taste best?” Well that is personal preference but red apples are definitely sweeter and green apples are more tart, especially granny smiths. If you want the least sugar/fructose in your juice go for green apples.

The question might also translate as “which apples are the most nutritious?” Although all apples are a great source of nutrition, I have asked myself the very same question. The only answer I have found resulted from a Canadian Governmental study conducted in 2005. The study revealed that red delicious apples contain the most antioxidants compared with 7 other varieties. The study also illuminated the fact that the skin of apples are the most bio-flavonoid dense area of the apple too. For that reason I always juice apples with their skins on.

Another great reason for juicing apples with their skins on is fiber content. Even though most of the fiber in produce is discarded during the juicing process, some still makes it through. So ‘cloudy apple juice’ (this refers to apples juiced with their skins on) will contain a little fiber as opposed to clear raw apple juice, which will contain a negligible amount of fiber. Cloudy apple juice looks less appealing and is not to everyones taste, but it is nutritionally superior.

Avoid juicing the pips in apples, they contain cyanide.

Organic Apples?
To cut a long story short – YES – use organic apples whenever possible. Non-organic apples are one of the most extensively sprayed fruits when it comes to pesticides. Many pesticides contain the toxic heavy metals lead and arsenic plus a plethora of other harmful (and often carcinogenic) chemicals. So if you juice apples that are not organic, I will reverse my previous advice of juicing apples with their skins on. Just for the simply reason that the skins are where most of the pesticides reside.

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  1. Karen Barrett says:

    Many years ago, I saw Meryl Streep on the Phil Donahue show talking about pesticides and demonstrating how to scrub produce. She made a special plea about apples, which, according to the experts she quoted, were subjected to more chemicals to regulate growth, appearance, rate of ripening, etc., than any other fruit. These chemicals were retained inside the apple and could not be washed or peeled away. She said if there is just one fruit/juice that you buy organic for your kids, let it be apple. As a new mother at the time, I took it to heart and still never juice non-organic apples.

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