Toddler Constipation Remedies

Constipation RemediesI find it hard to deal with constipation especially if I see my child agonizing. The sight of a kid writhing in pain is really unbearable. I cannot imagine how hard it is for her to pass stools at such a young age. I used to rely on constipation remedies such as laxatives for faster results but it seems that these medications only worsen the situation as my child becomes too dependent on it. In fact, she has developed a habit of holding her stools even if she feels like excreting for the fear of missing out on her activities. I have to give her a constant reminder not to poop in her pants but she cannot seem to break the habit. This habit has made her bowel movement irregular. I was having such a hard time dealing with my toddler’s behavior until I came across some toddler constipation remedies that are natural and very kid- friendly and offer a mild body cleanse into the bargain.

Toddler Constipation remediesToddlers cannot usually tell you what they are feeling unless you discover it yourself. Same is true in my case. If there is a tool that could translate the things that goes on inside my daughter’s head, I had definitely bought one. It is quite hard to decipher such intricacies unless I go beyond decoding her facial expressions. Hitting the right target can really be challenging to parents. This is why before constipation works its way into your child’s digestive system; recognize the common causes of irregular bowel movement so you know what to do next.

The best constipation indicator is irregular bowel movement. By irregular bowel movement means, your child only passes stool less than three times a week. Your child does not have to defecate everyday. This is a hoax that most parents still believe in. Just make sure that your child is able to excrete the toxins from his body three to four times a week.

Toddlers usually suffer from constipation because of high intake of dairy products such as milk, ice cream and cheese. Make sure that you avoid these foods until your child’s bowel movement becomes regular. If your toddler is still drinking milk, see to it that you limit his intake or you can substitute it with soymilk. Junk foods should also be removed from your child’s daily diet.  You should also include fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet and make sure that he drinks plenty of water or fruit juices everyday to keep his body hydrated. Cereals and bran muffin are also good for his body.

Stay away from laxatives as this can only ruin your child’s digestive system by hampering the natural process of excreting waste products and toxins. My daughter had a hard time passing stools because she prefers to drink milk instead of eating solid foods. Some of the toddler constipation remedies that I really find very effective are cereals and fresh fruits. These two are always present in my child’s daily diet to prevent constipation.

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