Vegetable Smoothies : A great treat

Vegetable SmoothieVegetable smoothie are easy to make and offer a large assortment of vitamins and minerals. Making a daily vegetable smoothie can give you the added nutrients that you need to get your full daily servings of vegetable’s. Vegetable smoothies can be made with a large assortment of vegetable’s and you can always add fruit for extra flavor.

Maybe you are wondering what types of vegetables are commonly used in one of these healthy drinks? One of the most commonly use vegetables when making a smoothie is the tomato. Similar to oranges used in an orange juice smoothie, the tomato is actually a fruit, but most consider the tomato a vegetable. The tomato offers plenty of vitamin C and adds tons of flavor to any drink. They are also very easy to blend in your smoothie maker. Just make sure to take the stem off. Another favorite among many is celery. Celery adds more flavor then anything to one of these drinks. I don’t think many would drink a celery only smoothie. Another extremely common vegetable used for this type of drink is the carrot. The carrot offers plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A. This little vegetable offers plenty of vitamins for the vegetable juice lover.

To spice things up the juice drinker can always add some cut up onions and garlic. This will give your vegetable smoothie some added flavor and a kick. Make sure to blend all your vegetables for a better consistency. Some will want to add fruit to their healthy drink. Some common fruits to add are banana, oranges and pineapple. These added fruits will add much added flavor and natural sweetness to your vegetable smoothie. If you want to add spice to your drink you can always add a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Some like there drinks really spicy, so they will add hot sauce to add some heat. However you prefer your refreshing healthy drink is up to you. Enjoy one or more vegetable drinks per a day for better health and added fiber to your diet.

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