Vitamin B12 Injections Side Effects, Dosage and What’s In Between

Vitamin B12 injections have been all around us for decades. This is the most preferred and accepted way to treat people showing symptoms of b12 vitamin deficiency. This vitamin performs very important tasks in your body – It creates Myelin, which is a fatty substance around your nerve cells, that protects them. It format red blood cells and grows tissues, and it also reduces your Homocysteine levels and replicates your DNA. I would like to shed some light over this subject, as there is a lot of wrong information over there in the media, causing people to damage their health.

Vitamin b12 injections side effects are possible. You might want to be looking at them before you decide to take these shots. These injections are given to patients that have problems absorbing this vitamin, usually, and this is usually caused by a lack of protein called Intrinsic Factor in the stomach. You might also want to check for things like parasites that eat your vitamin b12 stores, or toxins, like cigarettes’ cyanide, that might be destroying it. These are common reasons for this condition.

Vitamin b12 injections dosage differs from person to person, depending on their age and levels of deficiency, but it would be more than safe to say that it is something around two to three thousand MICRO grams a shot. They are also used to treat people suffering different conditions such as CFD (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

You are the one who should decide if vitamin b12 shots benefits outweigh their side effects: problems swallowing, skin redness, weight change,mild diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, tingles, upset stomach, pain in the area of injection, and more.

Please, please, do not take vitamin b12 injections for weight loss purposes. This vitamin simply gives you an energy boost and speeds up your metabolism, thus makes you more likely to do some exercise and lose some calories. You can get the exact same benefits our of more.. “normal” ways, such as food or other supplements, like sublingual tablets or intranasal jel or spray.

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